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Financial Stability Isn’t a Certainty, Don’t Risk Your Bottom Line

Changing global markets, shifting financial priorities and new, stringent government regulations mean that success in the financial market has become uncertain. Customers are feeling protective over their assets, and gaining their confidence can be difficult. The challenges of recent years means people expect more from their financial service providers, and you’re still trying to catch up. If you want to retain your current customers and successfully attract additional clientele, you need to ensure your business is running as optimally and accurately as possible in order to gain trust. It’s time to consider a different approach.

Change Isn’t Something to Fear; We’re Here to Help

At NexTec Group we believe that stability in an unpredictable industry can be achieved with the right business solutions. We know how important it is for financial institutions to know how and where their resources are being allocated while maintaining high-value interactions with customers. We also know that carefully managing suppliers and business partners is a huge factor when driving revenues. Achieving all of this is possible with the right financial services software that’s aligned with your business needs. We have a deep technical knowledge of a variety of software platforms and are able to provide an unbiased software recommendation for your unique business challenges.

NexTec Group provides financial services software that will:

  • Improve personalized customer service – Leverage CRM to track all pertinent customer information a so that account managers can increase loyalty and create lasting relationships
  • Increase efficiency – Easily identify the best new client acquisition and upsell opportunities with integrated reporting that provides insight into client data
  • Create in-depth reports – Comprehensive business intelligence (BI) integration increases visibility into your operations so you can make informed decisions
  • Streamline operations – Automate processes and eliminate wasted hours of administrative efforts
  • Access information instantly – Mobile access allows for real time updating of client information, no matter where you’re located
  • Grow the company vision – Simplify communication and collaboration between departments so that everyone is working towards a common goal

NexTec Group has worked with other financial services companies just like yours. Discover how NexTec was able to implement financial services software and increase productivity for Ryan Beck & Co.  Our solution enabled them to mitigate the challenges experienced by a 336% growth in 4 years, streamline regulatory compliance and decrease the number of days to close the books from 11 to 4.

Ryan Beck & Co. Invests in NexTec Group and Sage 500 ERP

Ryan Beck & Co. Invests in NexTec Group and Sage 500 ERP

With NexTec’s consultation, Ryan Beck migrated to Sage 500 ERP which provided them with an open technical architecture built in Microsoft Visual Basic, the scalability of a native SQL Server application, and enterprise-level financial reporting capability. “We needed a scalable enterprise solution to accommodate the 336% revenue growth that the company experienced. From where I sit, the transition to Sage 500 ERP has been very smooth,” says Anthony. In addition, NexTec leveraged the technology of Sage 500 ERP to integrate more effectively with 3rd party systems upon which Ryan Beck communicates heavily. They are also embarking on technological endeavors such as data warehousing for online analytical processing, executive dashboards to improve delivery of critical financial information, and key performance indicators to provide a snap-shot of organizational progress.

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NexTec Group is invested in the success of your financial services business and with our national reach and breadth of resources we can guide your financial services software implementation every step of the way. We are committed to defined timelines and budgets, and to providing the right solutions to reduce the risk to your bottom line.

  • "The Microsoft Business Partner we had at the time didn't have the resources to guide us through our next phase of growth," Flavin continues. "We selected NexTec Group to help us because they have the knowledge, the personnel, and the capacity to serve our growing organization, here in Houston, and in each of our international offices."

    Ed Flavin

    MODEC International LLC

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NexTec Group helps banks, insurance companies, investment firms and brokerages like yours maximize productivity in their organizations with financial services solutions. We place a strong value on absolute reliability and rapid responsiveness because we are deeply invested in the success of our clients and their business.

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With over 19 years of experience, NexTec Group provides companies with accounting software solutions tailored to their specific business requirements. The professionals at NexTec combine their hands-on experience with an advanced understanding of the financial services industry to help your organization excel. With national and local resources NexTec Group is prepared to answer any questions that could arise.

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