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When Business Slows, Will Your Doors Stay Open?

It’s hard to sell something that is difficult to quantify and the current market doesn’t make it any easier. Work isn’t always steady in the professional services industry and if your business is bogged down by operational inefficiencies you can jeopardize your profitability. Don’t let your firm suffer from an uneven workload and strained cash flow. Reduce the administrative burden and increase productivity to grow your business.

Alleviate concerns with the help of professional services software

NexTec Group is a value-oriented partner and we know that taking on an enterprise technology project isn’t simple. Our team is invested in the success of your professional services organization and we work with you to address your most pressing challenges. By finding the right solution that’s best fitted to resolving your operational concerns, your business will see a boost in efficiency across the entire organization.

NexTec Group delivers professional services software that:

  • Improves customer relations – Centralized data that’s accessible from a web-based application allows for smooth interactions with clients and prospects
  • Streamlines communications – Easily share progress on tasks so information doesn’t get lost or deadlines missed
  • Mitigates security concerns – Comprehensive security features guarantee that client details will stay protected
  • Creates reliable estimates – Take into account full project scope and provide accurate quotes
  • Effectively allocates resources – Manage people and equipment to complete projects on time and on budget
  • Reduces financial strain – Payments are made only when deliverables are received
  • Enhances time tracking – Simplify time and expense entry
  • Optimizes job costing – Improve management of time sheets, expenses and project accounting

Discover how NexTec worked with Zag to implement an agency accounting software solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing systems and increased operational productivity.

NexTec Group Drives Home a Successful Solution for TrueCar

NexTec Group Drives Home a Successful Solution for TrueCar

NexTec Group automated the import process, eliminating the need for any manual handling of the data files. “Every half-hour, the system imports the data and creates invoices automatically,” Byrd says. “It saves us up to two hours each day.” To streamline the calculation of commissions that TrueCar pays to its affinity partners, NexTec Group designed the routine to gather raw data during the import and generate an accounts payable invoice in Microsoft Dynamics GP. With over 2,000 invoices per month generated, this integrated solution provides a huge time savings by automatically calculating and processing amounts due to each partner. The price haggling that typically accompanies the purchase of a new car is nobody’s idea of fun. Zag is on a mission to change that. This innovative company partners with the most trusted brands and membership organizations in America to deliver an internet auto marketing experience that promises to transform the way Americans buy their cars.

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NexTec Group believes that your enterprise software solution will help your business grow and we work to bring maximum value to every penny of your investment. Our consultants are experienced in overcoming the challenges that your business faces and we deliver solutions that meet promised timelines and budgets.

  • “We can quickly and easily trace raw ingredients from initial receipt through final sale.”

    Joseph Wiley

    MIS Director Elmer Candy Corporation

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NexTec Group works with professional services agencies like yours to increase productivity and manage inefficiencies throughout the entire organization. We provide solutions that enable you to automate time consuming administrative tasks, giving you more time to focus on the core of your business.

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With over 19 years of experience, NexTec Group provides companies with professional services software tailored to their specific business needs. Our expert professionals combine their hands-on experience with an advanced understanding of the professional services industry to help your business shine. With national depth and local presence, NexTec Group is readily available whenever you need us.

As a complete business partner, we know more than technology; we know business.

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