Sage X3

Protect Your Business from Shrinking Margins

With powerful capabilities and flexibility, Sage X3 is the enterprise resource planning solution that your business needs to set it apart from the competition. Robust yet easy to use, Sage X3 boasts full functionality out of the box, easy deployment, and a user friendly experience. At NexTec Group, we’ve been implementing ERP solutions and supporting businesses for more than 20 years.

Sage X3 improves your business’ bottom line through:

  • Distribution management: manage order fulfillment with shipping and routing solutions
  • Manufacturing process management: simplify compliance, lot tracking, recipe management and quality control
  • Advanced accounting functionality: increase transparency in your operations with comprehensive monitoring of all financial activities in your business
  • Business relationship management: better the interactions you have with your clients, prospects and business partners by having access to information in a central database
  • Sales force automation: lead and opportunity monitoring capabilities streamline the entire sales cycle and reduce time to close
  • Reporting and business intelligence: advanced analytics offer an extensive view into your business processes
  • Enhanced collaboration: ensure the constant flow of key information through various departments

Sage X3 is a cost effective and adaptable ERP solution, specially designed for distributors and manufacturers to meet advanced requirements without putting strain on resources. Completely customizable, Sage X3 can be tailored to meet departmental needs while automating processes to increase process efficiencies. NexTec is skilled at implementation, and works with your organization to deliver your Sage X3 software solution on time and on budget. Maximize profitability and streamline operations with a reliable, industry-specific solution.

Sage ERP X3 version 7 - Helping Your Business Grow

Sage ERP X3 version 7 - Helping Your Business Grow

Sage ERP X3 revives midsize companies’ growth and profitability with fast, simple, flexible ERP software. It drives efficiency across financial and operational processes and gives all employees the insight they need, when they need it. Accessible online and on mobile devices, Sage ERP X3 turns your business into a more responsive organization, locally and globally. We invite you to download this fact sheet to learn more about the features and benefits of Sage ERP X3 version 7.

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Your new Sage X3 is an investment, and NexTec Group works tirelessly to ensure that your implementation has a positive ROI. Sage X3 has been recognized as a Champion by Info-Tech Research Group, and provides a reliable, effective and flexible business solution. At NexTec, we believe that your business is unique, and we understand the challenges and issues that you face. Experienced with technology and business, NexTec is a complete service partner – your success is our goal.

  • "NexTec Group understands the food business,” says Kelly Tryon. “We could not have come so far as quickly as we did without their knowledge of the industry. In addition, they are experts in Sage ERP X3. When we needed workflow processing changes or new reports and queries, they were able to deliver."

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