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Don’t Let Your Software Implementation Fail – Protect Your Investment

Undertaking a new software solution is a huge project for any business. Aside from the initial price of the solution, the proper implementation of new software can be costly. The implementation of ERP solutions can take months, and success requires considerable project management. Employee buy-in, along with a commitment to learn the new infrastructure and use it on a regular basis is imperative to a successful accounting software implementation. If you’re investing valuable resources in a new software solution, you can’t afford to let it fail upon implementation.

End-to-end support with proven methodologies

NexTec Group supports all types of software implementations with a team dedicated to providing realistic and proactive solutions. With an extensive background in the implementation of ERP, CRM and other enterprise software, we offer clients peace of mind, knowing that their project will be executed effectively, and implemented on time and on budget. The right accounting software implementation from NexTec will ensure that deadlines are met, processes streamlined, and goals achieved.

NexTec Group’s consultants are experts in:

  • Planning and design – Business processes are clearly defined, and documents detailing business requirements and configuration needs are created
  • Installation – Current IT infrastructure is reviewed, and updates planned
  • Configuration – The prototype solution is configured and set up, and testing is conducted
  • Training – Formal training geared at the end-users is performed, preferably through a train-the-trainer method
  • Reporting – Financial, advanced reporting and analysis training, consultation and report development
  • Data Migration – Required data is converted for use, and accessed during testing in the prototype process
  • Development – Any customization of screen or report functionality is done, along with reporting of system interfacing process updates
  • Project management – All projects are carefully monitored to ensure that they stay on task and on schedule
NexTec Group Provides Successful Platform For MODEC International

NexTec Group Provides Successful Platform For MODEC International

The company’s rapid growth was anticipated, and management understood the need to have a technology infrastructure in place to handle that growth. Microsoft Dynamics SL was running in the company’s Houston office, but was only being used for core financial activities such as accounts receivable and accounts payable. “We began looking at our business processes and how we could use technology to improve upon the execution of those processes,” recalls Ed Flavin, chief information officer for MODEC. “The Microsoft Business Partner we had at the time didn’t have the resources to guide us through our next phase of growth,” Flavin continues. “We selected NexTec Group to help us because they have the knowledge, the personnel, and the capacity to serve our growing organization, here in Houston, and in each of our international offices.”

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NexTec Group is committed to providing you with the best support to make sure that your accounting software implementation is a success. With accredited professionals who have the breadth of experience needed to avoid a failed project, our consultants are reliable, responsive, and well-equipped to deal with the issues that arise during implementation.

  • "NexTec developed an effective, yet relatively inexpensive solution for a complex problem. They proved they are flexible thinkers, not tied to the box."

    Dan Stojadinovic

    IT Manager
    Waddell Manufacturing

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NexTec Group has been supporting mid-sized business across the United States, providing the guidance and methodology needed for a successful accounting software implementation project. We work to understand the priorities of your business, and set realistic expectations and timelines to maximize every penny that goes into your enterprise technology project.

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With more than 20 years of experience, NexTec Group provides companies with accounting software implementation solutions tailored to their specific business and functional needs. Our knowledgeable team combines hands-on experience with a deep understanding of technology solutions to help your organization excel. With national depth and local presence, NexTec Group is readily available whenever you need us.

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