ERP Training

Educate Your Team to Avoid Wasted Resources

When your company invests time and money into implementing a new ERP system, it’s easy to think that the software is a magic solution that will solve all of your business woes. The truth is, the percentage of ERP implementation which don’t deliver the desired results is alarmingly high, and the vast majority of these issues can be traced back to one specific oversight – a lack of ERP training.

A team with proper Sage or Microsoft Dynamics training will have the knowledge and skills required to make the most of your new system. Your new software can lead to improved inventory management, greater organizational visibility, streamlined processes and better financial control and analysis, but only if your people have the tools that they need to use these advanced functions.

Flexible training onsite or at our training facilities

NexTec Group is invested in making sure your team has everything they need to excel. Our certified consultants provide ERP training for every module, ensuring that when you have achieved a full system roll-out, your employees will be up to speed and fully versed in all of the functionality that will set your company apart. From training for administrators, HR users, management, floor staff, those in finance and accounting, and everyone else on your team, NexTec has the knowledge, experience and patience to help your staff walk through even the most complex procedures.

NexTec Group ERP training provides help with:

  • Reporting and analysis – hands on training to ensure that reporting and analysis capabilities can and will be fully utilized
  • Ongoing education – updated information for continuous learning
  • Skills retention – detailed education to create greater job satisfaction and retain talent
  • Knowledge assessments – complete evaluation and tracking of human capital knowledge individually, and within departments and teams

NexTec Group is invested in your success; the greatest reward is seeing our clients achieve a high ROI after a new software has been implemented and ERP training conducted. We leverage technology and expertise to help you get the most from your ERP solutions.

  • "NexTec Group was the main reason behind our decision to choose Microsoft Dynamics. They understood our business and approached the project as a problem-solving mission, not as a software selling mission."

    Pamela Olson

    Manager of Finance and Administration The Magellan Group, Ltd

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NexTec Group helps businesses make the most of their technology investment by providing advanced training and education opportunity to staff at all levels. We are flexible, reliable and personable, and work with your organization to deliver on time and on budget. Through manpower, mindshare and business expertise, NexTec delivers.

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With over 20 years of experience, NexTec Group provides companies with learning resources tailored to their specific business and functional needs. Our knowledgeable professionals combine hands-on experience with an advanced understanding of technology and ERP solutions to help your organization excel. With national depth and local presence, NexTec Group is readily available whenever you need us.

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