6 need-to-know customer experience facts

Categories: CRM
November 2, 2017

What field service professionals know more than any other member of the team is that customers dictate the service experience.

6 need to know customer experience factsSo, what do customers want right now?

We looked at field-service trends for customer experience and here’s what we discovered:

1. The customer wants a great experience. This isn’t news: The Service Council Early 2017 study noted 77 percent of field teams are focused on field service experience improvement. Field service hears it right from the customers; they want a product that aligns with expectations. But being all things to all people is impossible if you cannot keep customers straight.

2.  A personalized experience is key. The need for personal experience will only grow as Millennials claim their share of the marketplace. Price will still be relevant, but take a backseat to the experience and product. The time to make personalization center to your practice is now.

3. You need to anticipate your customer’s’ needs. The savvy consumer expects to anticipate his or her needs; providing your product the moment before it’s requested. Customer intention means knowing—and leveraging–past habits to anticipate what they want next.

4. Customers want to interact on their terms. Emailing only during 9-5 in your time zone won’t be enough; customers want to reach out to you on social media, your website or within their online community–on their terms, during the hours of their choosing. Keeping track of each interaction on several platforms is essential to satisfaction.

5. Customers expect you to see their whole environment. It’s not just about whether they buy the product. It’s about whether they’ll advocate for you, get others in their circle to purchase your product and share with their friends on social channels.

6. Your competition is already a problem. Enterprises worldwide are building whole departments around your customers, with a data leader at the center combining customer intelligence, customer cheerleading and customer-centric strategy to extract analytics out of the cloud to convert your customers to their brand.

How can you be all things to all customers, give them the products and services they want before they desire them? It starts by leveraging the right CRM platform; one that will help you know your customers more deeply and support highly personalized experiences.

The CRM you choose should help you track and manage every interaction, every post and every touchpoint — be it your brand, website or brick-and-mortar establishment. This includes complaints logged or items left in a shopping cart.

Combining this knowledge with the talents of your field-service team can help you take your customer experiences to a new level. With it, when a customer reaches out, it’s because your team has already engaged them on a deeper level, anticipating proactively and engaging them with personal service.

NexTec can help you find a CRM solution to meet ever-changing customer expectations. Contact us to learn more.