Acumatica announces first-ever business skill for Alexa

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April 12, 2019
Acumatica Alexa Integration

Now, customers can do a variety of things via voice command, including checking inventory, looking up and approving expenses and updating opportunities in customer relationship management tools.

As the world’s fastest growing cloud ERP, Acumatica is committed to continuous refinement and improvement of its offerings. In January at the Acumatica Summit, leadership announced the beta release of its newest product: Acumatica 2019 R1.

What exactly does this mean to Acumatica users? Let’s take a look at what this innovation can do to improve your business experience.

What is Alexa for Business and what does Acumatica have to do with it?

Many of us have heard of Alexa as a home assistant. It’s proved to be an excellent tool on the homefront, letting users know when their laundry is ready, dim lights in a room without even being on premises, among an array of other handy tasks. With Acumatica’s deployment, Alexa has grown up and is ready to shine in the most professional of environments. The goal of Alexa for Business is to enable organizations and employees to get more work done. This intelligent aid helps users to be more productive while in meeting rooms, at their desks, or even at home with the Alexa devices they already have in place.

Now, customers can do a variety of things via voice command, including checking inventory, looking up and approving expenses and updating opportunities in customer relationship management tools. That’s right, all this information is readily available in the cloud ERP–just give Alexa the word. The new Acumatica Alexa skill brings to life what Amazon imagined when it announced Alexa for Business in November 2017. It enables users to bring the digital brain from the factory floor to the boardroom… and just about anywhere in between!

Why this integration matters

Customer and partner feedback are the driving force behind this rollout. Acumatica takes heed of the information and insights it collects, working to improve its product offering through continuous refinement and improvements in the cloud ERP platform. Development for this offering was no small task–in fact, Acumatica has been working with Amazon on this skill for years.

At the Summit, which drew a record number of attendees–more than 1,500 customer, partner, media, and analyst participants–Acumatica demonstrated the new technology through a series of demos, highlighting advances in usability, order management and inventory, financials, project accounting, and CRM. There are also industry-specific features and improvements for Construction Edition, Manufacturing Edition, and Field Service Edition. This software version also brings improvements with natural language search, machine learning, and workflow automation.

Using Amazon Web Services for its public cloud offering, Acumatica offers customers the choice of running its software on-site are through their own data centers.

Software tie-ins with Microsoft and Google

The alliance between Acumatica and Alexa is just the beginning. The company also announced tie-ins with offerings from other big tech companies.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Connector for Microsoft Flow provides employees with the technology to streamline tasks across apps, sync files, get notifications, collect data, and more with Microsoft’s automation tool–and all without any help from developers.
Google’s Cloud Vision Product Search offers a new beta program integration that allows users to more easily look up items.
Acumatica has added another layer of reporting and dashboard offerings thanks to the integration of a suite of data analytics tools from Tableau.

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