Here's how Acumatica can save your field service business

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June 4, 2019

If your business does installations, repairs or services at customer locations or equipment sites, then you have a field service business.

Field service businesses have unique challenges. Managing scheduling and dispatch, visibility of workforce in the field, collecting accurate information back from jobs in a timely manner and communication breakdowns are just a few.

It can be difficult to keep track of logistics for your field services business. Acumatica is here to help.

Let’s take a look at one company’s challenges:

Bob has a Field Service business. He’s been successful at growing his business and he has several technicians performing field work.

Dennis receives a call from a customer requesting an air conditioner repair  He checks invoice history and a spreadsheet to see what equipment and warranties they have. To save time, he takes notes on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, the phone immediately rings again, and the repair order never makes it to dispatch.

Amber, the dispatcher, is busy managing technician schedules. She uses several spreadsheets to make sure everyone is fully utilized, the right people attend jobs that need a license, and the trips are planned as efficiently as possible. It’s difficult for her to take urgent requests because she is lacking visibility of her technicians out in the field.

As the Controller, John is in charge of cashflow and is experiencing delays in the invoicing process. Many of the employees submit job sheets by hand, leading to keying errors. These delays cause invoicing mistakes, and numerous credit memos being issued, impacting cashflow.

All of these issues can be tackled with a field service software, like Acumatica.  Let’s look at this again… this time using Acumatica.

With Acumatica, it is easy to access calendars for your team members to see who is available at any given time.

A customer calls for a repair. Dennis looks up the customer and creates a new Service Order in Acumatica. He asks which equipment needs work and selects it for the order. He can see the Equipment warranty information and informs the customer that the unit is out of warranty, except the compressor. No slips of paper to get lost and the customer is impressed that Dennis has all the information needed and created the service request so quickly.

Amber sees the new job on her Calendar Board. She can view existing appointments for each technician and create the new appointment with a drag and drop. If licenses or skills are required, she can use the staff filter to find technicians that fit the requirements of the job.

With the Staff Appointments on Map, she can see and manage where technicians will be during the day so when urgent jobs come in, she can easily see who will be nearby.

Technicians in the field are using the Acumatica app on their Android and iOS devices. They have all the information needed and can use the app for various tasks like using the map to find directions to the next job.

The technicians are now entering information directly into the app and it’s immediately available back at the office. They can start the job, track their time, add parts, update equipment info, take before and after photos, complete the job, capture a customer signature and even invoice and collect payment out in the field.   Bob’s customers prefer one invoice for all the work done in a month, so invoicing is done in the office. Invoicing can be automated or users can control the process.

The streamlined invoicing eliminated invoicing delays and invoicing errors are drastically reduced, so customers are paying promptly and cashflow is improved.

Bob was able to form stronger customer relationships, more productive employees, and had better management of resources – all translating into more profitability!

Get in touch today to learn more about what Acumatica Field Service can do for your business.

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