Agriculture ERP: Streamline your accounting and inventory reporting

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January 9, 2020
Farmer using a tablet while standing in his field.

Technology in agriculture is growing.

Agriculture technology and automation don’t just apply to field operations. Like other industries that have turned their eyes and ears to tech, agriculture companies can enjoy the same benefits of uniting their accounting and inventory reporting in a single platform, called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), that delivers deeper visibility into the business.

Managing business operations and growing profits are accomplished through a multitude of smaller, complex, interwoven tasks, many of which can be streamlined by shifting away from outdated tools like spreadsheets and fragmented systems in favor of a comprehensive solution.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Agriculture

By definition, ERP is a flexible, scalable software solution that unites multiple business activities into a single function. In the agriculture sector, an ERP can provide an anchor point for financial data, inventory management, sales, purchasing, quality and compliance data, labor, and more.

In the agricultural sector, Sage X3 is a leading platform that can accomplish all of the above. Take a look at some of the key reasons why agriculture companies are finding a better way of doing business with Sage X3 agriculture ERP and NexTec:

Provide end-to-end farm management

Rows of crops in a field.

An advanced agriculture ERP simplifies multiple aspects of agriculture operations.

The right ERP has the capacity to manage multiple aspects of farm business operations, including purchasing, contracts, labor, inventory and warehouse management and complex costing and pricing models. It can also provide full end to end traceability including Country of Origin.  Having all the information in one place allows agriculture businesses to optimize and see true costs.

Eliminate resource-draining paper trails

One of the most notable benefits of using an ERP is the fact that many agri-businesses can replace many of their outdated, time-consuming, paper-intensive manual processes with a software solution.

Clunky spreadsheets are inefficient and prone to error, even though they’re still widely used in managing farm operations. But by switching to an agriculture ERP, companies get a centralized, searchable database where they can find and input information quickly and eliminate the costly need to print paper records or make calculations by hand.

Implementation is the key to accelerating and maximizing ROI

On the surface, the benefits of shifting to an agriculture ERP are hard to ignore. However, the key to tapping into the expected benefits is through diligent, well-executed implementation with the help of NexTec. Switching to an agriculture ERP like Sage X3 doesn’t happen overnight, and once your system is set up and ready to use, you’ll also face a learning curve as you learn to work with the software.

Choosing the right implementation partner can have a major impact on what your ERP can help you accomplish, and how quickly your company can start leveraging it to its potential. NexTec specializes in working with agriculture companies to get their Sage X3 ERP operating as smoothly as possible so they can realize a swift, positive ROI. Discover how we can help you grow efficiency in your agricultural business.

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