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Key considerations for choosing the right technology partner

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Before settling on a provider, make sure they fit all of your company's needs.

Before settling on a provider, make sure they fit all of your company’s needs.

Over time, enterprises often encounter situations where their current ERP, CRM, and BI systems are not working as planned. There are a variety technology providers that can consult with you to source and implement the software applications you need the most. But for such a critical part of your company, you need more than a provider – you need a technology partner. Someone you can trust and get advice from even after implementation. Here are some of the primary things to consider when finding the right technology partner.

Find a technology partner that meets all of your needs

Find a provider that works with a variety software publishers, so they can source the best software application for your company. Every business is different, and you need a provider who’s willing to work with your company to find a customized solution, rather than a one-size-fits-all software. Additionally, you need a provider that can help you to find the right ERP, CRM, and BI systems, so you can access your primary IT needs from a single source.

Choose a technology partner that offers unmatched credentials

Any company can claim to be an expert in their industry, but you need a provider who can prove it. Ensure the provider you partner with has the necessary credentials and experience to successfully support your business. The primary credentials to look for include CPAs, MBAs, and MCPs. Also make sure they are members of the Information Technology Alliance (ITA), as this indicates a higher level of trust and professionalism.

Seek a cost-effective and efficient implementation strategy

One of the main reasons many businesses postpone implementing new software and IT strategies is due to fear of the implementation process itself. Research the implementation process of the provider you choose to ensure they offer low implementation costs while rolling out your services as efficiently as possible. They should provide a clearly defined implementation plan that identifies various milestones to help you track the progress. That way you can ensure the services will be rolled out in a way that is efficient, without disrupting the flow of your operation.

Implementation should be as efficient and non-disruptive as possible.

Implementation should be as efficient and non-disruptive as possible.

Evaluate their customer support

No matter how cost-effective their services are, if the provider doesn’t offer ongoing customer support, it could cause problems later on. You need a provider that you can depend on, so your business can receive critical technical support if needed. Find a provider that offers extended support hours and international coverage, so you can access the help you need at any time and from any location.

Opt for flexibility when choosing a partner

Your business is dynamic and rapidly changing. Your provider needs to be along for the ride. Find a provider that offers flexibility regarding your service needs, systems management, and implementation process, so you can ensure your software solutions are tailored to the precise specifications of your business.
If your enterprise is in search of a new business solutions provider, it’s important to assess the partner thoroughly to ensure they’ll be able to strengthen your current business model. There are a lot of key factors to seek in a provider to make sure they are credible and up for the job. Of primary importance are the credentials and experience they offer, as well as their ITA membership, as these are all powerful indicators of reputability. To learn more about finding a provider for ERP, CRM, and BI systems, contact us today. Begin Media Shower Content Reporting code