Bakery increases order volume significantly with the right food ERP

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November 15, 2018
Woman decorating cupcakes.

Baked by Melissa needed a solution that would address rapid growth and solve operational challenges.

Baked by Melissa is a classic entrepreneurial success story. Founder Melissa Ben-Ishay left a humdrum job to create a baking company selling cupcakes to caterers.

After a decade, the company’s e-commerce site was responsible for a third of the company’s multi-million-dollar annual revenue, selling freshly baked cupcakes, macarons and gifts online.

The business growth was a tremendous success, but brought with it challenges that needed technological solutions to resolve complex operational problems. Systems weren’t integrated and there was little strategic oversight of fulfillment and shipping. Among the core challenges:

  • Disparate systems that were not connected, including Magento for e-commerce, QuickBooks for accounting and a home-grown order processing tool
  • No shipping functionality
  • Lack of inventory control applications

Need for a solution

The company knew it needed a technology solution that would resolve many of these issues. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform would allow them to gain the efficiencies they lacked and keep up with the company’s rapid growth.

Baked by Melissa chose Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3), a food ERP solution that integrates data, applications and users across the company. With Sage Enterprise Management as the enterprise resource planning software in place, the company began to see dramatic improvements. You can read for yourself how the bakery increased order volume significantly with the right food ERP.

The company also selected NexTec Group to guide the implementation. NexTec has the expertise in helping companies deploy ERP solutions and maximize their capabilities to fuel innovation, improve efficiency, and lower costs.

Woman holding a muffin in one hand and a mobile phone in the other.

The Sage Enterprise Management enterprise resource planning platform helped Baked by Melissa fulfill more orders and deliver better customer service.

Delivering sweet success

NexTec developed an integration solution to connect the company’s e-commerce tool with the Sage Enterprise Management platform. The integration had a profound impact on Baked by Melissa’s ability to process a growing number of orders by adding efficiency, accuracy and speed to what had been a flawed system.

On an average day, the company receives several hundred orders. Around the holidays, however, orders can grow exponentially with as many as 6,000 orders in a day. Since the implementation, order fulfillment has gone from a major stressor to one of the company’s strengths.

Sage Enterprise Management provides dashboards that give company leaders clarity about what orders have already been shipped, which are in process, and which have not been started. The company was able to handle 20 percent more orders annually with the ERP solution than the previous year.

Shipping has also become more accurate and efficient, using the Sage Enterprise Management shipping management app. Warehouse workers scan barcodes on Sage-generated packing lists. This shipping information is fed back into the database and transferred to the e-commerce store. The store then generates an email to customers that includes the tracking number and informs them that their orders are on the way.

Next steps

The company is continuing to find ways to use Sage Enterprise Management to improve operations. Working with NexTec, the company will add inventory management, purchasing, product costing, lot tracking, and manufacturing functions using the ERP solution.

NexTec works with companies across industries to develop robust technology solutions, including ERP, customer relationship management, and business intelligence. Give Sage Enterprise Management a try and see how NexTec can help deploy powerful software solutions to enhance your company’s operations.