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Recorded Webcast: Improve your field service operations and dispatching with Acumatica Cloud ERP webcast

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Watch this recorded webcast on Cloud ERP and Acumatica’s Field Service Edition – a fully integrated solution that blends field services with CRM, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting to give a 360-degree view of customer activities.

Webcast Agenda

  • Give your field techs key information to serve customers better
  • Assign inventory from the warehouse to the field
  • Improve work order management, including escalation management
  • Gain efficiencies in scheduling your service calls
  • Acumatica Cloud ERP demo

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Case Study: Omni Cart Services

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Omni Cart’s Field Services Team gets to work with Acumatica and NexTec

Omni Cart chose NexTec to implement Acumatica Cloud ERP – bringing all business processes into a single system. Field service operations are streamlined with accurate, up-to-date dispatch capabilities and project information – saving the company valuable time and money.

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About Omni Cart Services

When you visit your local grocery store, you likely don’t give a second thought to the shopping cart… but one company does. Omni Cart Services cleans and repairs shopping carts, backroom equipment, condenser, and HVAC units for grocery stores, hardware stores, big box stores, and distribution centers. They have customers across 48 US states.

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Field Services
Mentor, OH
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“By bringing all of our business processes into a single system of record we can eliminate duplicate data entry tasks and ensure that all our teams are working with the most accurate, current information.”

Keith Wolf, President, Omni Cart Services

Here’s how NexTec Group and Acumatica helped Omni Cart

A system built for field services

Omni Cart streamlined its scheduling and dispatch tasks with Acumatica. They can quickly generate reports to get an accurate picture of current and future workloads. The field services team now has real-time access to inventory stocking levels which ensures they have the tools and supplies needed for each job.

“We found NexTec Group, and they’ve successfully guided the implementation to fit our business needs.”

Keith Wolfe, President, Omni Cart Services

United operations

Through Acumatica, NexTec connected finance and accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and field services management which streamlines operations, provides visibility across locations and business functions, and allows Omni Cart to keep up their fast pace even as the business grows.

Key Results

Acumatica has increased visibility across all facets of the operation facilitates, leading to better decision making
Connected accounting, supply chain, and field services has eliminated duplicate data entry and everyone works with the most accurate, current information
Field service operations are streamlined with accurate, up-to-date dispatch capabilities
Omni Cart is confident they’ve found the right ERP solution and partner to guide them forward

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Technicians standing outside a garage door.

3 Ways field services businesses use ERP to plan around the COVID-19 crisis

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Technicians standing outside a garage door.The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the field services industry in numerous ways. Many companies have implemented protective measures to ensure the safety of their employees and the customers they serve.

Businesses are asking screening questions while on service calls to find out if anyone in a household has been ill before sending service technicians to residences. Some local areas may also temporarily prohibit service calls, while customers may opt to wait until the pandemic lifts before allowing anyone into their homes.

Guidelines are being established to handle new virus protocols. These new changes are impacting business on all sides, and companies need a way to track all this new information.

As the national number of COVID-19 cases increased, companies tightened their service call policies. For example, many limited calls to only functional repairs, while some service providers did not work in zip codes where a great number of cases had been reported. Employees are also concentrating on sanitizing parts and other products, wearing face masks, and taking other health measures to ensure the virus is not transmitted.

Field service companies need a way to keep track of all the new information coming down the pipeline. According to a recent study, field service management is expected to grow at a compound growth rate (CGR) of 16.2%. This means that a field service market valued at $2.8 billion in 2019 will reach $5.9 billion in 2024.

Acumatica Field Service Edition is a great way to manage these changes as they arise.

What is Acumatica Field Service Edition?

Acumatica Field Service Edition is designed to increase productivity while promoting the organization. The Field Service Edition helps companies in any industry track a wide range of data and services. The tool lets you maintain a real-time view of business activities by integrating field service operations with the back office.

Acumatica helps improve field service management by streamlining dispatching and reducing response times. You can minimize costs across the board while improving customer experience. Here are three benefits you will gain by using this tool.

1. Manage scheduling

Field service technicians juggle many appointments in one day, which sometimes makes it difficult to assist customers in a timely manner. The COVID-19 crisis has forced many companies to use a skeleton crew due to answering fewer service calls. Acumatica Field Service Edition includes sophisticated scheduling features that allow flexible or last-minute scheduling when emergencies arise.

2. Manage inventory

Supply lines often experience disruption during times of crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly no exception. The Acumatica Field Service Edition helps technicians and other field services employees keep track of inventory. This decreases delays that can occur when such information is not readily available and makes scheduling appointments easier.

3. Track costs

Tracking costs can minimize cash flow issues. During COVID-19, field service companies are looking for ways to save money, which makes this feature even more relevant. Acumatica allows you to keep track of all costs such as time, materials, and labor.

You can also compare the actual costs of a project with original estimates. The tool lets you revise and manage budgets in real-time so the most up-to-date information is always available.

Field service managers face many common challenges. According to a recent survey, 46% of companies report one of their biggest issues is keeping up with increasing demand from customers. The Acumatica Field Service Edition is equipped with all the features you need to meet those demands while improving the customer experience.

Want to get the most out of the Acumatica Field Service Edition? Contact NexTec for more information and begin streamlining your business processes today.

Find out how Acumatica stacks up against the leading systems on the market in this free report and Take the Acumatica software tour.



Field Services: Understand needs and build strong client relationships

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Technician working on computer hardware.

Field services may not seem people-centered, but they can build strong business relationships.

Are you looking for technology that will place client information at your fingertips when you need it most? Field services technicians spend a lot of time serving customers in their homes or businesses. Understanding their needs upon arrival can be a strong differentiator for providing top-notch service.

Forming personalized connections leads to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. People are turning to digital channels to find answers and solutions, often preferring this type of experience over traditional communication methods. According to a recent field service study, 45% of field technicians feel their tools aren’t fast enough, a problem that can be solved with the use of mobile software.

This technology is proving cost-effective for business owners by giving employees access to the most up-to-date information in real-time. It’s also easy to manage.

Improve the customer journey

Customers often prefer to experience products and make purchases from the comfort of their own homes. A field visit adds human interaction to the customer journey.

Once the customer has conducted research and made inquiries using technology, the field technician can provide further assistance in the form of an in-person connection. This can improve the customer experience by continuing to nurture the customer relationship.

As customers broaden the range of devices used for making purchases and acquiring services, the nature of the field service must change. Customers conduct much of their research before receiving a visit from the field services technician. Because of this, industry employees need to equip themselves with the right information ahead of time.

Machine-to-machine communications allow field services employees to collect and automate data more frequently. Artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics solutions help business leaders create models that predict possible issues before they occur.

Woman wearing a headset while sitting at her desk.

The right field services ERP makes things easier for dispatchers, supervisors, and field technicians.

Address field services challenges

The field services industry is presented with numerous challenges every day. Acumatica software can help mitigate issues by placing important information in the hands of employees so they can meet customer needs and improve the customer experience. Here are some examples.

Preventing the need for return visits

Return visits occur because of incomplete or inaccurate information. These visits are costly, and can be avoided by providing field services employees the information they need to complete the job during the first visit.

Acumatica allows employees to access this information prior to the visit and on-site. Knowing details such as accurate location data and the correct equipment will enable technicians to solve the problem the first time around.

Providing quick response for repair requests

Another challenge businesses face is knowing when critical repairs are necessary. Equipment typically includes sensors that alert businesses when such an issue occurs. Wireless technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) give technicians the information needed to avoid larger repairs.

Benefits of using a mobile ERP

A mobile enterprise resource plan (ERP) system provides many benefits. Field services workers can make better decisions if they have the right information readily available when working in the field. Finances Online reported ERP software accumulates more than 25 billion dollars each year, proving its usefulness in the field services industry.

Acumatica Field Services Edition is an ERP system that provides employees access to valuable information while keeping employees at headquarters constantly connected to the field staff. This solution allows workers to access information on a smartphone or other mobile device, which increases productivity. NexTec can provide the answers and solutions you need to successfully implement Acumatica into your daily business processes today.

Field services technicians should receive training on becoming customer-centric. This, along with the Acumatica, will strengthen customer relationships while helping businesses grow.

Contact NexTec today and Find out how Acumatica stacks up against the leading systems on the market in this free report. Want to learn more? Take the Acumatica software tour.

2020: Sound financial management increases field services productivity

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Technician working with computer hardware.

Field services professionals need integrated access to data on customers, inventory and equipment to optimize services.

Field services companies face complex, unique challenges. Remote connectivity, access to data and systems, integration and transmission of information all demand solutions that keep employees connected and information flowing.

The right enterprise resource planning solution, like Acumatica, provides financial management features that help deliver efficiency and security for data remotely, whether in transit or at rest. In 2020, sound financial management increases field services productivity.

How financial management affects field services businesses

It may seem counterintuitive that financial management is so closely connected to productivity for a field services business. However, consider some of the core functions that drive success in the industry:

  • Scheduling Efficiency. Your business needs to schedule people, equipment and deliveries. It’s contingent on accessing customer information, including order and service histories, product history and contact information. All of these factors are at play when creating daily and weekly schedules.
  • Warranty and Contract Management. Financial tools in your ERP need to manage warranties, recurring service contracts, and renewals. When these functions are integrated with service delivery, your company increases customer service capability and response rates.
  • Inventory Management. Supply chain management is essential to sound field management. You want to make sure your systems for SCM, financials, and scheduling are integrated and can easily share data.
  • Connectivity. You want a solution that delivers reliable connectivity across devices and in remote locations, allowing field technicians to access information and systems regularly.

Excellence in service delivery requires excellence in financial services for productive operations.

Technician working on computer hardware.

With a field services solution from Acumatica, your company can connect to financial management, inventory and customer relationship modules to provide exceptional service.

Exploring Acumatica Financial Management Suite

Acumatica’s Financial Management Suite delivers core modules designed to deliver efficiency to your field services business. The modules include:

  • General Ledger. Gain instant access to financial data with easy reporting of assets, expenses, income, and accounts
  • Cash Management. Predict, monitor and manage cash across multiple entities including transactions, bank accounts, and fund transfers
  • Accounts Receivable. A major advantage for field services companies, this module helps you create invoices, confirm balances, deliver customer reports, track commissions and collect or apply payments
  • Accounts Payable. Track outstanding invoices, monitor cash flow and apply due dates, available discounts and access reports from any device with a connected web browser
  • Fixed Assets. Gain full visibility on fixed assets, including depreciation calculations, tax tracking and reporting
  • Currency Management. Calculate realized and unrealized gains and losses, revalue accounts and recalculate full financial statements

Acumatica field services management solution

Acumatica’s field services management solution integrates seamlessly with other Acumatica modules for financial reporting, sales, CRM, inventory, and purchasing. Using the modules together gives all your employees a 360-degree view of customers. The field services solution includes:

  • Scheduling employees and other resources
  • Route plotting, emergency appointment management, and service delivery optimization, including real-time information on traffic, locations, and routes
  • Connectivity on any device to relevant apps
  • Equipment service histories
  • Inventory tracking, including costs and locations
  • Warranty and recurring service contract management

At NexTec, our experienced consultants help field services companies identify the right business software solutions, including ERP solutions. NexTec assists businesses with the specs, selection, implementation, and optimization of software that drives efficiency and ROI.  Explore our field services page to learn more.

Worker fixing an electrical box.

Meeting the challenge of managing inventory in field services

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Man working on an electrical box.

With mobile applications and real-time knowledge, field services companies can track inventory and equipment better.

For field services companies, managing equipment and tools is a complex task. These assets are often spread across multiple job sites, within warehouses or on trucks or other equipment.

Tracking these valuable assets is essential. Your business needs to manage usage, maintenance and billing across multiple operational areas.

These operational complexities can be solved with an enterprise resource planning solution. When your business is looking for a business software tool adept at meeting the challenge of managing inventory in field services, an ERP like Acumatica is the smart choice.

Inventory management in field services

Inventory management in field services is all about money and risk. As soon as it hits your site or warehouse, tools and equipment start to cost money. Depreciation, obsolescence, internal and external theft and deterioration are all risks to the value and efficacy of everything that has value.

In field services companies, inventory is used far more heavily than in other sectors. Efficient tracking is a financial and logistical imperative.

What do you need from your ERP to ensure inventory optimization? Here are a few of the key features to look for:

  • Access from Anywhere. With products and tools in fleets of trucks, multiple warehouses and at multiple worksites, you need a solution that gives you secure access to items at any time located anywhere.
  • Secure Access. You want to make sure that only those who need access to information and assets can know where items are located.
  • Valuation Flexibility. Your ERP needs to accommodate multiple valuation methods, including standard cost, moving average and first-in, first-out approaches.
  • Data Entry and Tracking Ease. Inventory data entry needs to be automated in most cases and in others, done via user-defined screens that make it easy to quickly and accurately record information. Lot and serial numbers, along with other user-defined fields, need to be accessible in a logical, easy-to-find and use layout.
  • Integration. Your ERP solution needs to integrate the inventory management tools with connected and relevant other parts of the enterprise, including purchasing, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, operations, payroll and scheduling.
  • Deeper Insights. The right ERP software can incorporate other insights, including information about customers, contracts, orders and technicians, all in one system. With an ERP, you do not need to manage a separate customer relationship management (CRM) solution with redundant data and difficult reporting schema.
Mani installing solar panels.

Acumatica’s Field Services Edition ERP integrates inventory management with core functions such as finance, purchasing and scheduling.

The Acumatica solution

Acumatica’s Field Services Edition suite is an ever-improving solution designed to streamline dispatching, scheduling, inventory management, finance, and operations. Among the top inventory management features are:

  • Location and cost control
  • Integrated inventory and purchasing functions
  • Automated replenishment orders
  • Parts delivery alerts and service appointment scheduling

Other related features include:

  • Scheduling, dispatching and call center management
  • Route planning
  • Map integration and real-time graphical interfaces and change management
  • Mobile service management that allows technicians to access inventory, see locations and routes, place orders and see customer information and history
  • Emergency service call management
  • Equipment maintenance records that include order and maintenance history and specifications
  • Service contract management
  • Warranty management

Acumatica understands the complexities and needs of field services companies. NexTec helps those companies select, install and leverage their ERP solutions with expert advice and best practices.

Take the Acumatica Product Tour to learn more.

Webinar: Improve your field service management with Acumatica Cloud ERP

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Transform your business with Acumatica Cloud ERP, an integrated financial and business management solution designed for field services. With Acumatica, field service organizations are able to manage field technicians more efficiently, improve resource scheduling and planning, better manage inventory and reduce inventory stock and much more.

During our webcast, we’ll demonstrate specific functionalities including:

  • Understanding the benefits of Cloud ERP
  • Enable your field techs with key information to properly service their customers
  • Improve inventory management at the warehouse and in the field
  • Improve work order management including escalation management
  • Gain efficiencies in scheduling your service calls
  • And much more!

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Workers installing solar panels.

Acumatica helps you address these 5 field services challenges

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Workers installing solar panels.

The right business software helps ensure field techs have the tools and equipment necessary.

Field services companies face unique challenges, from data integration and maintenance management to scheduling, dispatching and route management.

Managing these challenges requires a business software designed for the field services industry. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) product like the Acumatica Cloud ERP Field Service Edition provides functionality designed specifically to meet those challenges head-on.

Here’s a closer look at how Acumatica helps you address these 5 field services challenges.

1. First-time fix rates

Returning to a customer to redo work is costly. Often return work is due to poor, inaccurate or incomplete information about the customer’s problem, inaccurate location data, incorrect equipment or a mismatch with technician skills.

2. Scheduling predictive repairs

Sensors installed in equipment are able to alert your business when needed repairs are critical. Businesses that can respond promptly to these issues using the Internet of Things and wireless technologies can prevent larger repairs.

3. Managing service contracts and warranties

Maintaining the revenue from service contracts means tracking expiration dates and managing appointments and service calls. Warranty information needs to be integrated with other functions, including sales and customer service, while accurate tracking of what parts are under warranty is critical.

4. Emergency service calls

Emergencies can derail technician scheduling, route optimization and equipment availability. A field services ERP should provide the right integrations to minimize the disruptions.

5. Siloed data

Field services companies that keep customer data, processes, scheduling and finance in separate systems are working from behind. An ERP solution integrates data from myriad functional areas and systems, giving all employees a 360-degree, transparent look at operations, customers and information.

With mobile solutions, Acumatica’s field service ERP delivers needed information in real time to field techs.

How Acumatica Cloud ERP Field Service Edition solves common problems

Acumatica’s field services ERP solution is designed to solve common and complex problems in the industry. The main benefits and features include:

  • Scheduling, dispatching and call center management to expedite responses with accurate service needs, customer information and history, and create or modify schedules
  • Route planning using Google Maps to optimize resources. The module includes route plotting for service techs, lists of required equipment or machines, and real-time adjustments to reflect traffic conditions that are sent to the technician’s mobile device
  • Mobile service management with mobile apps for Android and iOS, with instant access to service information and customer data
  • Emergency service call integration using visual tools to add unplanned calls and send changes to the technician
  • Equipment maintenance records for each piece or machine installed at a customer’s site, including manufacturer, model, configuration, necessary repair parts and preventative maintenance schedules and orders
  • Inventory management to track the locations and costs of tools and parts that are spread across warehouses and vehicles
  • Warranty management to track simple and multidimensional contracts 
  • Project cost tracking 
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Business intelligence insights

Acumatica knows the issues and challenges for the field services industry and has developed the ERP that meets critical needs. At NexTec, we help businesses identify, select, install and optimize their investments in key software solutions. Our experts work regularly with Acumatica solutions that make a difference. To learn more, take the Acumatica Product Tour.

Tech investments for small business field services

Here’s how Acumatica can save your field service business

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If your business does installations, repairs or services at customer locations or equipment sites, then you have a field service business.

Field service businesses have unique challenges. Managing scheduling and dispatch, visibility of workforce in the field, collecting accurate information back from jobs in a timely manner and communication breakdowns are just a few.

It can be difficult to keep track of logistics for your field services business. Acumatica is here to help.

Let’s take a look at one company’s challenges:

Bob has a Field Service business. He’s been successful at growing his business and he has several technicians performing field work.

Dennis receives a call from a customer requesting an air conditioner repair  He checks invoice history and a spreadsheet to see what equipment and warranties they have. To save time, he takes notes on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, the phone immediately rings again, and the repair order never makes it to dispatch.

Amber, the dispatcher, is busy managing technician schedules. She uses several spreadsheets to make sure everyone is fully utilized, the right people attend jobs that need a license, and the trips are planned as efficiently as possible. It’s difficult for her to take urgent requests because she is lacking visibility of her technicians out in the field.

As the Controller, John is in charge of cashflow and is experiencing delays in the invoicing process. Many of the employees submit job sheets by hand, leading to keying errors. These delays cause invoicing mistakes, and numerous credit memos being issued, impacting cashflow.

All of these issues can be tackled with a field service software, like Acumatica.  Let’s look at this again… this time using Acumatica.

With Acumatica, it is easy to access calendars for your team members to see who is available at any given time.

A customer calls for a repair. Dennis looks up the customer and creates a new Service Order in Acumatica. He asks which equipment needs work and selects it for the order. He can see the Equipment warranty information and informs the customer that the unit is out of warranty, except the compressor. No slips of paper to get lost and the customer is impressed that Dennis has all the information needed and created the service request so quickly.

Amber sees the new job on her Calendar Board. She can view existing appointments for each technician and create the new appointment with a drag and drop. If licenses or skills are required, she can use the staff filter to find technicians that fit the requirements of the job.

With the Staff Appointments on Map, she can see and manage where technicians will be during the day so when urgent jobs come in, she can easily see who will be nearby.

Technicians in the field are using the Acumatica app on their Android and iOS devices. They have all the information needed and can use the app for various tasks like using the map to find directions to the next job.

The technicians are now entering information directly into the app and it’s immediately available back at the office. They can start the job, track their time, add parts, update equipment info, take before and after photos, complete the job, capture a customer signature and even invoice and collect payment out in the field.   Bob’s customers prefer one invoice for all the work done in a month, so invoicing is done in the office. Invoicing can be automated or users can control the process.

The streamlined invoicing eliminated invoicing delays and invoicing errors are drastically reduced, so customers are paying promptly and cashflow is improved.

Bob was able to form stronger customer relationships, more productive employees, and had better management of resources – all translating into more profitability!

Get in touch today to learn more about what Acumatica Field Service can do for your business.

Additional Acumatica resources

Acumatica: Ideal for Field, Professional and Oilfield Services

Growing companies rely on Acumatica Cloud ERP’s scalability

Webcast: Acumatica Cloud ERP for Field Services

Female construction worker with orange hard hat and vest.

Acumatica: Ideal for Field, Professional and Oilfield Services

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Female construction worker with orange hard hat and vest.

Oilfield services companies need solutions that allow for precise project accounting, data collection and analytics.

If your business offers services – as a professional firm or a resources exploration company – you need software solutions that keep everyone connected.

With the right enterprise resource planning software solution, you’ll have the proper tools that connect core components of your business, helping your teams be more productive and coordinated. You’ll have better outcomes for your business and your customers.

Your ERP solution helps your business, whether field services, professional services like law and accounting firms, and oilfield services, with the unique, industry-specific functionality that is necessary for success.

An ERP solution also solves common challenges among services companies, including:

  • Meeting customer expectations for reliability and on-time delivery
  • Regulatory compliance with local, state, federal, international and industry mandates
  • Loss of institutional and client knowledge due to employee turnover
  • Complex taxation requirements

Below is a closer look at the core benefits of ERP software and why Acumatica is ideal for field, professional and oilfield services.

Unique challenges for industry

Your company’s business requires specialized solutions that address core challenges that are often difficult to resolve. That’s where Acumatica comes in. Acumatica’s ERP solution has been designed to deliver on the greatest needs for field services, professional services and oilfield services businesses.

Here is a closer look at some of the challenges each of those industries regularly faces:

Field Services

Field service companies have to address a wide range of customer demands and complexities in scheduling, operational efficiency and logistics. Among the common challenges are:

  • More product complexity as the variety of and technology used in products grow. Items such as refrigerators, washing machines and HVAC systems are increasingly “smart.” These connected devices require technicians that can address mechanical and digital issues.
  • Increased competition in both product sales and service providers
  • Ever-increasing customer demands and expectations
  • Staff turnover due to retention challenges and an aging workforce

Professional Services

Professional services firms are selling an intangible product – time and knowledge. This creates challenges related to workload management and balancing client services with sales and marketing. Law, accounting and other professional services businesses are looking for:

  • Commercialization of data and insights delivered via automation solutions
  • Technology that can automate complex processes by breaking them into simple components such as research, data analytics, document assembly, contract management and project management
  • Data agility that allows for better collection, storage, reporting and usage of large amounts of information that provides for faster, accurate insights and solutions for clients
  • Staff efficiency driven by technology that allows for employees to focus on more critical, strategic tasks instead of clerical and administrative responsibilities

Oilfield Services

Complex projects occurring in multiple geographies requires tools to collect and transmit large data sets in real time that can inform key decisions. Oilfield services companies often grapple with:

  • Managing potential risks
  • Maintaining financial control across projects in different areas and under different legal structures
  • Supporting upstream players via repair and maintenance of wells and drilling equipment, drilling rig leasing and seismic data processing
  • Real-time visibility into production costs, yields and outcomes
  • Data sharing across multiple systems
  • Compliance with multiple regulatory mandates
  • Optimizing field logistics and the supply chain
  • Tracking equipment and other assets

These challenges are among the core reasons to use an Acumatica ERP solution.

Work on site.

Field services companies are facing increasingly complex products and more demanding customers.

Advantages to ERP solutions for services companies

Why are more services businesses turning to enterprise resource planning solutions? Because these products address core needs and deliver operational excellence, allowing principals to focus on key business needs.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing a cloud-based Acumatica ERP:

  • Single source. Eliminate the need for costly third-party integration services, expensive add-ons and inefficiency with a completely integrated system that provides a single source of data that can be used across the company.
  • Accurate, efficient data. With one data source, there’s no need to re-enter information in different systems, resulting in fewer errors and information that is more precise.
  • Streamlined operations. Improve efficiency with integrated applications for financials, customer relations, distribution, project management, project accounting and service management.
  • Anywhere access. With cloud-based access and mobile applications, users can access information, files and reports from any internet-connected device at any time and from any location.
  • Security. Service companies have legal and regulatory mandates about how data, especially client data, is collected, stored and used. Other requirements specify security precautions that need to be in place. Acumatica data is secured with the most rigorous physical and software protection.
  • Cost predictability. One license allows you to extend access to new employees or other users without incurring incremental costs and additional licensing fees. Extend access to customers to review accounts and check on status.
  • Operational ease. The cloud-based solution means there is no on-premises equipment to install, configure, maintain and upgrade.
  • Scalability. As your business grows, your Acumatica ERP scales accordingly, allowing more data to be stored and accessed easily.
  • Relationship management. Improve your company’s relationships with partners, suppliers and customers. Gain a 360-degree view of your customers’ interactions with sales, marketing, finance, fulfillment and customer service.
  • Customer management. Manage leads, contacts, accounts and cases with a consolidated view of all prospects and customers.
  • Automated sales and marketing. Integrate your sales and marketing operations with automation tools that track, manage and assign leads to sales teams, resulting in shorter sales cycles and increased closed-business rates.
  • Contract and order management. Use company-defined sales workflows to expedite orders and contract creation and execution with tools to handle discounting, flexible pricing, variable service rates and long-term or warranty-specific support cycles.
  • Adaptability. Acumatica ERP is designed to respond to ever-evolving and changing customer demands for better service, incorporating cloud computing, business intelligence, analytics, automation, e-commerce and mobile technologies.
  • Better insights and productivity. Business intelligence tools and dashboards deliver insights into client trends and purchasing patterns that increase billable hours and staff productivity.
  • Integrated document management. Share invoices, customer interactions, inquiries and contracts across disciplines to provide consistent and coordinated service. Automated and rules-based workflows route documents, track activity, avoid delays and signal when a step in the process is behind schedule.
  • Logistical control. Dispatch calendar boards optimize travel routes, rearrange appointment orders, schedule and dispatch employees to the right job at the right time.
  • Time and expense management. Make timesheet and expense report entry easy for your employees, subcontractors and partners with capabilities on mobile devices. Accelerate the collection and reporting of project costs with tools that consolidate expenses and allocate shared expenses.
  • Project accounting. Manage project budgeting, billing and profitability across projects, employees, materials, resources and tasks. Project accounting integrates with general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventory management.
  • Improved cash flow. Fulfill orders and requests faster with fewer mistakes, allowing for faster collection and reconciliation processes.
  • Collaboration. Portals allow for internal collaboration and partnership with freelancers, contractors, partners and customers.
  • Employee empowerment. With a single source of data and a complete view of client engagement, employees have a more complete understanding of relationships, can make better decisions, and can deliver better service.
  • Employee engagement. Better scheduling, allocation and assignment tools allow for better employee outcomes, improved engagement and reduced risk of burnout. These benefits lead to more satisfied, productive and effective employee outcomes.
  • User friendliness. Acumatica allows users to customize views, displays, reports and dashboards using fields and data that are most relevant to their work. Browser-based drop-down menus, point-and-click functionality and visualizations make the platform easy to use quickly.
  • Software integration. Acumatica integrates seamlessly with other work productivity applications such as the Microsoft Office suite of programs. It also integrates with credit-card processing, barcode, project management, e-commerce, print, promotion and supply chain solutions.
  • Reliability. Acumatica’s ERP solution is designed to remain operational, a promise made in guaranteed service level agreements.
  • Data recovery. In the case of a natural disaster or a cyberattack, Acumatica data backup and recovery services ensure that there is minimal disruption and fast restoration of your data.

Acumatica offerings

Acumatica’s enterprise resource planning solution is designed with service industries in mind. Its applications meet specific needs for field services, professional services and oilfield services providers, including:

  • Financial Management – General ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, currency management, tax management, deferred revenue accounting, intercompany accounting, recurring revenue management, fixed assets, human resources and payroll
  • Customer Management – Sales automation, integrated marketing, service and support automation, customer self-service
  • Project Accounting – Cost tracking, advanced billing, time and expense management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Materials Requirement Planning
  • Requisition Management
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Service and Support Automation

NexTec Group proudly works with services companies and other industries to identify the systems and tools that make a difference and deliver a competitive advantage. Our skilled and experienced consultants have extensive knowledge of the industries, vendors, products and features, helping our customers choose, implement and optimize their technology solutions.

NexTec works closely with Acumatica customers to deploy and configure the ERP solution and integrate legacy systems to create an integrated software product. We also provide training, insights and supports to ensure your business gets the most return from your investment. To learn more about how NexTec and Acumatica deliver exceptional products that solve your services company’s most critical business needs, give Acumatica a try.

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