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Manage suppliers to optimize your professional services company

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How much do your supplies really cost?

Managing supplies as a professional services organization looks and functions differently than supplies in a manufacturing setting. Instead of dealing with volume orders of chemicals, lumber, or hardware, you’re making sure you have enough light bulbs, paper products, toner, and desk supplies to help your employees serve your clients.

Still, there’s no doubt that having an efficient, reliable process for tracking and replenishing inventory is critical to business success. Your accounting system plays an important role in categorizing items properly and keeping up with expenditures to stay on budget and bill your clients with precision.

All of the above can be accomplished confidently with an ERP software like Acumatica. From financial reporting to supplies management, ERP software for professional services provides 360-degree value to fill gaps in your operations and maintain profitability.

Record accurate pricing for supplies

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Tracking the cost of supplies is essential for bookkeeping and billing.

Professional services rely on good financial management throughout the organization, and the way you monitor supplies contributes to the overall bottom line. Maintaining accurate prices in your ERP system can help you improve ordering decisions and avoid getting hit with surprise price increases or surcharges that could cause you to go overbudget.

More importantly, using an ERP solution for supplies management can give you data-driven insights into the supplies you use and how often you replenish them in a given period. Though it might not seem like a huge expense to order a box of paper clips or a case of paper, these items can add up quickly — and once you start tracking them, you might be surprised at just how much your supplies add to your overhead!

Allocate resources to projects

When resources aren’t appropriately included in a quote for service, you run the risk of two potential errors: either billing your clients above the quoted price, which could reflect poorly on your professional image or eating the cost, which will impact your projects.

Forecasting project management costs prior to beginning work serves a dual purpose to your clients and organization as a whole. Clients can rely on accurate quotes for service without incurring expenses that haven’t been budgeted for (or inaccurately budgeted for). Using an ERP, you can gain an instant look at available resources, reserve them for specific projects, and track their costs — all while ensuring your clients are billed accordingly.

Streamline reliable billing processes

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Accurate billing affects your bottom line.

The planning aspect in Acumatica Enterprise Resource Planning software allows you to gain a bird’s eye view into your organization so you can trade guesswork for data. You may find ways to reduce costs, make your team more mindful of the supplies they consume, and ensure the price you charge your clients accurately reflect your overhead.

The analytics and reporting tools in Acumatica ensure supplies are ordered, managed, and properly accounted for. In return, professional services organizations are better equipped to bill their clients to reflect true overhead costs rather than estimations.

As a leading Acumatica partner, NexTec works with professional service providers to customize and deploy ERP solutions and maximize your ROI. Take the Acumatica Product Tour and discover how it can help you manage suppliers for higher profitability.

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Boost billable hours, satisfy professional services clients with your ERP software

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Are you leaving money on the table? Many professional service providers often underestimate their billable hours, which means that you’re losing money every time you send out an invoice.

A recent study found that attorneys spend about 30% of their workday on billable activities, or roughly 2.8 hours of an 8-hour workday. Alarmingly, the average invoice only bills the client for 1.9 hours — that’s nearly one free hour of work per day!

This problem isn’t unique to law professionals, either. Anyone who relies on billing clients by the hour, including financial and accounting firms, freelancers, consultants, architects, and others, may find themselves with a significant revenue leak.

Rather than relying on guesswork, professional service providers may find it beneficial to use an ERP system that’s made specifically for the service industry. Here’s how a professional services ERP can help you track billable hours to increase your profits without increasing your workload.

Automate time tracking

Computer keyboard with the enter key labeled time tracking.

Empower automation to keep track of your time.

By definition, billable hours are the time spent working on client activities that you can charge for. Many service-related businesses base their fees on an hourly rate to fairly charge the client for work performed. However, this requires businesses to keep an accurate record of their hours every day — a task that’s complicated when working with multiple clients and projects.

Many professionals try to do this manually, which can be quite cumbersome depending on the size and scope of your business. Spreadsheets can get messy, plus you’re devoting extra time to manual entry and organization, not to mention invoicing.

Instead, professional services ERP solutions can track time automatically using a digital timer. You can assign times to each client within the ERP system and let your software take care of logging and calculating times.

Back your billable hours up with hard data

One of the biggest advantages of using an ERP solution instead of manual spreadsheets is an ERP’s ability to back up all billable hours with hard data – data that can be mined for insights over time. If a client wants to see how time was spent or how you calculated your time, you can pull up data from the ERP system to support your work.

Invoice your clients faster and more accurately

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Complicated invoicing can shrink your profits.

When you have accurate records, you can create and process invoices with confidence and eliminate much of the back-and-forth with clients. Each invoice is generated from the data within the ERP system, so there’s no chance that billable hours can fall through the cracks. You’ll notice an increase in profits without an increase in your workload.

Acumatica: The professional services ERP solution

Acumatica is a leading professional service ERP solution designed to tackle tough time-tracking challenges and other gaps in efficiency for service providers.

As a leading Acumatica partner, NexTec can help you implement and launch your ERP system to ensure you enjoy its fullest potential. Our goal is to get your ERP system live and functional as quickly as possible, along with helping you onboard to start reaping the benefits.

Take the Acumatica Product Tour to learn how we can help you collect every dollar you’re owed.

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Efficiency is leverage in professional services: Does your ERP deliver?

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Group of smiling colleagues.

Professional service providers struggle to remain competitive

Professional service providers have to measure things differently than product-based companies. Because service professionals are usually providing “brain work” instead of a physical, tangible product, production values and operating costs look and function differently.

Still, they share one major characteristic: efficiency is the key to protecting profit margins.

Your agility when delivering services can help to build client trust and satisfaction while allowing you to maintain an edge on your competitors.

The right ERP can empower service professionals to measure critical key performance indicators (KPIs) that will keep you on track to a productive, profitable business. Here are some of the top considerations when vetting ERP systems:

1. Define the right KPIs

KPIs are the driving factors behind business growth, and service professionals should identify and understand exactly how they impact your company. Suggested by Service Professional Indicator’s 2016 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report, these KPIs include, but are not limited to:

  • Year Over Year revenue growth
  • Employee retention and attrition
  • Project profitability
  • Employee utilization rate (an employee’s available time for productive, billable work)
  • Employee satisfaction

There may be other important metrics that are significant to your growth, but the bottom line is that service providers need a fluid, reliable way to track these figures.

2. Gain greater visibility into operations

By establishing and monitoring the right KPIs, service providers can use their data to understand more about how their busines

s operates and identify efficiency issues.

For example, are you consistently delivering your services on-time and on budget? Are there steps between project onset and delivery that could be eliminated? Lag can not only kill your profits but also your client’s satisfaction and trust.

Person typing on a laptop keyboard.

Tracking the right metrics is critical to success.

3. Identify opportunities for improvement

As service providers gain a better understanding of the business’s operations, they can use their data to identify bottlenecks in processes that could derail their profits.

For example, you may discover that you aren’t utilizing your team to their fullest potential, which is contributing to project delays or slimmer profit margins. By optimizing your existing human resources, you may be able to avoid hiring additional employees or outsourcing tasks to freelancers.

As a result, service professionals can better manage resources, improve the customer experience, and help each employee thrive.

How Acumatica and NexTec empower service professionals

Acumatica, a leading ERP for the service industry, was designed to help professionals better leverage their data to monitor KPIs, understand their business and customers, and improve efficiency to maintain profitability and competitiveness.

Service providers can gain a 360-degree view of their clients’ activities and requests, along with other critical details like revenue per billable person, profit margin, project overrun, and resource management. As a result, professionals can focus more of their efforts on core business processes and make decisions driven by data versus assumptions.

As an Acumatica partner, NexTec works closely with service providers, including lawyers, accounting firms, architectural and design services, and consultants, to identify the right ERP and automation tools that can help you maintain profitability and provide a higher level of service to your clients.

Take the Acumatica Product Tour and discover how it can benefit your professional services organization.

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4 Professional services challenges in 2020 & how Acumatica meets them

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What are the top industry challenges for professional service providers?

Professional services developed in response to businesses that need solutions to a problem. The irony, of course, is that these services experience their own unique set of challenges, and they must first overcome their own issues before they can adequately serve their customers.

Now that 2020 is here, professional services organizations should be preparing themselves for the obstacles they’ll encounter through this year. Here are four critical ones.

1. Achieving business growth

When professional services look at their overall growth picture, there are two directions they can take: out or up. Growing vertically requires companies to stay niche-focused and identify other opportunities within that niche. Expanding outward allows them to tap into new markets (geographically, industry-wise, or the development of a new product or service).

In either case, expansion forces companies to re-examine the ways they deliver their services to the customer. In many cases, a business’s existing system or methodology may be unable to accommodate new growth, which means other alternatives will need to be explored.

2. Automating manual tasks

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Managers spend more than 36% of their time on admin tasks.

A recent survey of 500 managers in the U.S. discovered that a majority of them spent more than 36% of their day on administrative tasks. In a 40-hour week, that’s about 13.5 hours of lost time that could otherwise be devoted to business growth or other objectives.

Automation is no longer an unrealistic idea, nor can it be considered a luxury. Rather, many businesses would agree it’s a critical growth component they can’t afford to do without. Companies that find themselves knee-deep in tedious manual tasks should look for ways to automate some or all of these tasks at scale to free up valuable time across the organization.

3. Responding to market shifts

Like the professional services industry, the clients you serve will also experience their own shifts in the marketplace. Savvy companies must keep a finger on the pulse of the industries where their customers are, so they can understand the challenges they face and be prepared to respond. This will be particularly critical in 2020 as many experts are predicting a recession, combined with the potential for economic uncertainty during a presidential election year.

4. Mastering profitability

Wooden blocks spelling out profit.

Maintaining profitability is a priority in every organization.

Each of the other three professional services challenges can impact your overall profitability, but that’s not all there is to maintaining a healthy bottom line.

To truly master profitability requires you to be able to provide accurate quotes, bill with precision, and reduce surprise costs that can derail your projects. Having a deeper insight into your project metrics can help you improve your chances of winning more business and hitting your targets on every project.

Filling in the gaps with Acumatica

A professional services ERP like Acumatica can be your best defense against these and other challenges you’ll face in 2020 and beyond. With features that specifically assist the services industries, Acumatica can address critical industry challenges, including task automation at scale, improved cash flow monitoring, project management, and relationship management to help you remain competitive in your market.

Choosing the right Acumatica partner to implement and roll out your new ERP is key to gaining the swiftest ROI. Let NexTec help you take the next steps in adding value and improving relationships with every customer.

Give Acumatica a try.

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ERP for Professional services businesses? 4 Reasons the answer is yes.

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Group of three colleagues discussing architectural plans together.

Architectural firms and other professional services businesses need business management software that scales, improves communication and drives efficiency.

Professional services organizations such as law practices, accounting businesses, engineering companies or architectural firms gain significant benefits from having an effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Choosing an ERP that provides greater operations visibility, better communication and easier financial reporting lets principals and other staff to focus on core work.

Are you wondering whether it’s the time to invest in an ERP for professional services businesses? Four reasons why the answer is “yes” are below.

1. Operational visibility

With a professional services ERP, your firm will have a “single source of truth.” All users across the business will be using and reporting on the same data and documents. Siloed work disappears with a unified solution. This means essential functions such as project finances, resource scheduling, KPI reporting and other critical operations are consistent and synchronized with real-time data.

2. Improved communication

Using a central ERP provides for instant and seamless communication among employees and with clients. With continuous connectivity, employees can communicate with each other and clients across locations internationally. Access to data on mobile devices via apps helps external and in-office staff to collaborate in real time to boost reaction time to client inquiries or concerns. Reporting tools give you a complete view of the client relationship, no matter with whome they are interacting.

3. Accurate financial reporting

With data fed from decentralized sources into an integrated ERP, financial reporting is more accurate and timely. With all transactional, contact and outcomes data in one system, key stakeholders have a complete and consistent view of firm finances. On-demand reports provide needed information in the moment to provide accurate revenue, cost and profit information.

4. Flexibility and scalability

You need an ERP that can adjust to increases in demand or additional services. With a professional services ERP, you can adapt to changing market conditions or customer demands quickly by adding capacity or new features. You want a solution that will not slow down your growth plans but complement them.

Desktop with judges gavel and brass scale.

Acumatica’s ERP for professional services helps firms deliver on client expectations.

An ERP built for professional services firms

Acumatica’s ERP for professional services is built to address some of the most pressing challenges facing your business, including:

  • Maintaining strong relationships with clients
  • Bidding on and closing on new work
  • Delivering projects on time and on budget
  • Meeting growing client demands for more services
  • Offering competitive prices while maintaining strong profit margins

With Acumatica, you’ll have access to a suite of integrated tools designed to address key needs for your firm. Among core features are:

  • Customer Relationship Management. Sales automation, integrated marketing and a customer self-support portal give tools to serve clients better. Get a complete 360-degree view of your business with integrated financials, marketing and service.
  • Time and Expense Management. Track time spent for clients, employees, contracts and projects with mobile time entry capabilities.
  • Business Intelligence. Reporting tools drawing on real-time data for insights on projects, clients and KPIs.
  • Integrated Financials. Manage your entire financial department within the ERP, using a single source of truth for general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, deferred revenue, tax management and human resources.

Integrating your company’s operations in an ERP designed to address critical industry needs is why so many professional services firms choose Acumatica. At NexTec, we help companies identify the right business software, develop an implementation plan, and optimize your investment. Find out how Acumatica stacks up against the leading systems on the market in this free report.

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Acumatica: Ideal for Field, Professional and Oilfield Services

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Female construction worker with orange hard hat and vest.

Oilfield services companies need solutions that allow for precise project accounting, data collection and analytics.

If your business offers services – as a professional firm or a resources exploration company – you need software solutions that keep everyone connected.

With the right enterprise resource planning software solution, you’ll have the proper tools that connect core components of your business, helping your teams be more productive and coordinated. You’ll have better outcomes for your business and your customers.

Your ERP solution helps your business, whether field services, professional services like law and accounting firms, and oilfield services, with the unique, industry-specific functionality that is necessary for success.

An ERP solution also solves common challenges among services companies, including:

  • Meeting customer expectations for reliability and on-time delivery
  • Regulatory compliance with local, state, federal, international and industry mandates
  • Loss of institutional and client knowledge due to employee turnover
  • Complex taxation requirements

Below is a closer look at the core benefits of ERP software and why Acumatica is ideal for field, professional and oilfield services.

Unique challenges for industry

Your company’s business requires specialized solutions that address core challenges that are often difficult to resolve. That’s where Acumatica comes in. Acumatica’s ERP solution has been designed to deliver on the greatest needs for field services, professional services and oilfield services businesses.

Here is a closer look at some of the challenges each of those industries regularly faces:

Field Services

Field service companies have to address a wide range of customer demands and complexities in scheduling, operational efficiency and logistics. Among the common challenges are:

  • More product complexity as the variety of and technology used in products grow. Items such as refrigerators, washing machines and HVAC systems are increasingly “smart.” These connected devices require technicians that can address mechanical and digital issues.
  • Increased competition in both product sales and service providers
  • Ever-increasing customer demands and expectations
  • Staff turnover due to retention challenges and an aging workforce

Professional Services

Professional services firms are selling an intangible product – time and knowledge. This creates challenges related to workload management and balancing client services with sales and marketing. Law, accounting and other professional services businesses are looking for:

  • Commercialization of data and insights delivered via automation solutions
  • Technology that can automate complex processes by breaking them into simple components such as research, data analytics, document assembly, contract management and project management
  • Data agility that allows for better collection, storage, reporting and usage of large amounts of information that provides for faster, accurate insights and solutions for clients
  • Staff efficiency driven by technology that allows for employees to focus on more critical, strategic tasks instead of clerical and administrative responsibilities

Oilfield Services

Complex projects occurring in multiple geographies requires tools to collect and transmit large data sets in real time that can inform key decisions. Oilfield services companies often grapple with:

  • Managing potential risks
  • Maintaining financial control across projects in different areas and under different legal structures
  • Supporting upstream players via repair and maintenance of wells and drilling equipment, drilling rig leasing and seismic data processing
  • Real-time visibility into production costs, yields and outcomes
  • Data sharing across multiple systems
  • Compliance with multiple regulatory mandates
  • Optimizing field logistics and the supply chain
  • Tracking equipment and other assets

These challenges are among the core reasons to use an Acumatica ERP solution.

Work on site.

Field services companies are facing increasingly complex products and more demanding customers.

Advantages to ERP solutions for services companies

Why are more services businesses turning to enterprise resource planning solutions? Because these products address core needs and deliver operational excellence, allowing principals to focus on key business needs.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing a cloud-based Acumatica ERP:

  • Single source. Eliminate the need for costly third-party integration services, expensive add-ons and inefficiency with a completely integrated system that provides a single source of data that can be used across the company.
  • Accurate, efficient data. With one data source, there’s no need to re-enter information in different systems, resulting in fewer errors and information that is more precise.
  • Streamlined operations. Improve efficiency with integrated applications for financials, customer relations, distribution, project management, project accounting and service management.
  • Anywhere access. With cloud-based access and mobile applications, users can access information, files and reports from any internet-connected device at any time and from any location.
  • Security. Service companies have legal and regulatory mandates about how data, especially client data, is collected, stored and used. Other requirements specify security precautions that need to be in place. Acumatica data is secured with the most rigorous physical and software protection.
  • Cost predictability. One license allows you to extend access to new employees or other users without incurring incremental costs and additional licensing fees. Extend access to customers to review accounts and check on status.
  • Operational ease. The cloud-based solution means there is no on-premises equipment to install, configure, maintain and upgrade.
  • Scalability. As your business grows, your Acumatica ERP scales accordingly, allowing more data to be stored and accessed easily.
  • Relationship management. Improve your company’s relationships with partners, suppliers and customers. Gain a 360-degree view of your customers’ interactions with sales, marketing, finance, fulfillment and customer service.
  • Customer management. Manage leads, contacts, accounts and cases with a consolidated view of all prospects and customers.
  • Automated sales and marketing. Integrate your sales and marketing operations with automation tools that track, manage and assign leads to sales teams, resulting in shorter sales cycles and increased closed-business rates.
  • Contract and order management. Use company-defined sales workflows to expedite orders and contract creation and execution with tools to handle discounting, flexible pricing, variable service rates and long-term or warranty-specific support cycles.
  • Adaptability. Acumatica ERP is designed to respond to ever-evolving and changing customer demands for better service, incorporating cloud computing, business intelligence, analytics, automation, e-commerce and mobile technologies.
  • Better insights and productivity. Business intelligence tools and dashboards deliver insights into client trends and purchasing patterns that increase billable hours and staff productivity.
  • Integrated document management. Share invoices, customer interactions, inquiries and contracts across disciplines to provide consistent and coordinated service. Automated and rules-based workflows route documents, track activity, avoid delays and signal when a step in the process is behind schedule.
  • Logistical control. Dispatch calendar boards optimize travel routes, rearrange appointment orders, schedule and dispatch employees to the right job at the right time.
  • Time and expense management. Make timesheet and expense report entry easy for your employees, subcontractors and partners with capabilities on mobile devices. Accelerate the collection and reporting of project costs with tools that consolidate expenses and allocate shared expenses.
  • Project accounting. Manage project budgeting, billing and profitability across projects, employees, materials, resources and tasks. Project accounting integrates with general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventory management.
  • Improved cash flow. Fulfill orders and requests faster with fewer mistakes, allowing for faster collection and reconciliation processes.
  • Collaboration. Portals allow for internal collaboration and partnership with freelancers, contractors, partners and customers.
  • Employee empowerment. With a single source of data and a complete view of client engagement, employees have a more complete understanding of relationships, can make better decisions, and can deliver better service.
  • Employee engagement. Better scheduling, allocation and assignment tools allow for better employee outcomes, improved engagement and reduced risk of burnout. These benefits lead to more satisfied, productive and effective employee outcomes.
  • User friendliness. Acumatica allows users to customize views, displays, reports and dashboards using fields and data that are most relevant to their work. Browser-based drop-down menus, point-and-click functionality and visualizations make the platform easy to use quickly.
  • Software integration. Acumatica integrates seamlessly with other work productivity applications such as the Microsoft Office suite of programs. It also integrates with credit-card processing, barcode, project management, e-commerce, print, promotion and supply chain solutions.
  • Reliability. Acumatica’s ERP solution is designed to remain operational, a promise made in guaranteed service level agreements.
  • Data recovery. In the case of a natural disaster or a cyberattack, Acumatica data backup and recovery services ensure that there is minimal disruption and fast restoration of your data.

Acumatica offerings

Acumatica’s enterprise resource planning solution is designed with service industries in mind. Its applications meet specific needs for field services, professional services and oilfield services providers, including:

  • Financial Management – General ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, currency management, tax management, deferred revenue accounting, intercompany accounting, recurring revenue management, fixed assets, human resources and payroll
  • Customer Management – Sales automation, integrated marketing, service and support automation, customer self-service
  • Project Accounting – Cost tracking, advanced billing, time and expense management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Materials Requirement Planning
  • Requisition Management
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Service and Support Automation

NexTec Group proudly works with services companies and other industries to identify the systems and tools that make a difference and deliver a competitive advantage. Our skilled and experienced consultants have extensive knowledge of the industries, vendors, products and features, helping our customers choose, implement and optimize their technology solutions.

NexTec works closely with Acumatica customers to deploy and configure the ERP solution and integrate legacy systems to create an integrated software product. We also provide training, insights and supports to ensure your business gets the most return from your investment. To learn more about how NexTec and Acumatica deliver exceptional products that solve your services company’s most critical business needs, give Acumatica a try.

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Professional Services ERP Software

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Technology to Power Your Professional Services Firm

Acumatica Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning can transform your professional services company

Take control of finance, accounting, service, customer relationships and more

Whether you specialize in simple client requests with quick turnarounds, long-term projects with many moving parts, or work on retainer, your professional services firm faces ongoing challenges, increasing competition, and high client expectations. Your success relies on the ability to orchestrate projects and the right ERP solution can make that happen. NexTec and Acumatica Cloud ERP have the answer.

Benefits for Professional Services Firms

Take control of complex projects

Every project you have is unique, and managing each project from estimate through invoicing requires visibility and control. With Acumatica Cloud ERP, you can bring together your professional services business, managing budgeting, inventory, change orders, time sheets, billing, profitability, and reporting for individual business initiatives.

Put the right people on the job

For any professional service firm, people are the number one asset. Assign the right people to the job, track key performance indicators and drivers with business intelligence, and consistently deliver profitable and successful projects.

Budget, track, and control your business

From budgeting to billing, keeping your costs under control is a necessity. Compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets and forecasts by period using real-time reports, tracking ongoing costs with integrated timesheets, expense reports, and more. Assign specific conditions including flat-fee or hourly-based invoicing to projects.

Grow your business through excellent relationships

The best way to grow your business is to deliver for your customers. By automating sales marketing, and service processes and integrating them with your financials, you can continually maintain customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Remain agile while you grow

Know how and when to take advantage of opportunities by knowing where you are and knowing how you will get where you want to go. By automating your professional services software, you can maintain the agility that got you where you are today—no matter your size.

Give your people the access they need

Professional Services businesses rarely operate from one location. Give your team access to ERP, CRM time and expense tracking, and more—whether they are at home, on site, in the office, or on the road. With mobile applications and browser access, you can empower your team anytime and anywhere.

Ready to learn more? Request a demo today.

NexTec Group is an award-winning business software consulting firm with over 24 years in the industry. As a firm founded by consultants, we know the challenges you face in organizing projects and managing resources. Respond to today’s opportunities, improve customer relationships, and grow your business with the power of ERP, CRM, and BI customized and delivered for the professional services industry.

Contact us for a free demo.

Acumatica Gold Certified Partner

Webcast: Acumatica Cloud ERP for Field Services

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Construction worker tightening a bolt.

How Acumatica is tailored to your key business operations

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Construction worker tightening a bolt.

Acumatica software helps manage construction costs and provide real-time insights on projects.

Operational efficiency is essential as businesses look to reduce costs and output. Simplifying operational complexity can have a dramatic positive impact on your bottom line.

Having the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution available helps to keep your data, employees and operations organized, in sync and performing optimally.

Acumatica is an ERP solution that allows companies to improve their operations in many areas, including distribution, professional services, field services and construction. Acumatica provides unique, function-specific tools that help improve operations in each of those key areas.

Benefits of Acumatica

Acumatica is a leading provider of ERP solutions designed to automate core functions, reduce data entry and provide full views of customers and processes. It offers exceptional solutions to companies looking to:

  • Streamline operations
  • Automate back-office functions
  • Access real-time information from anywhere and on any device
  • Grow their business with a scalable business platform that can reduce the burden on internal IT resources
Plumber repairing a faucet on a sink.

Efficient distribution systems help dispatch repair teams and lead to better levels of customer satisfaction.

Acumatica and distribution

Your distribution management software is the way to keep customers satisfied, transportation on schedule and inventory under control.

Acumatica’s distribution management solution helps to manage your supply chain and logistics, from the warehouse to inventory control to order management.

By connecting key data and employees in warehouse, supply chain management, ordering, distribution, sales and marketing, businesses can see in real time the status of orders, products and production. Integrating those functional areas with financial systems and employees gives clear, real-time insights on productivity and logjams.

The distribution applications include:

  • Advanced inventory management
  • Sales order management
  • Purchase order management
  • Requisition management
  • Advanced financials
  • Advanced fulfillment

Here are the main advantages of Acumatica’s distribution management solution:

  • Reduced order times. By automating sales order processing and shipping order creation, your business reduces the time it takes to complete, process and ship each order. Customized rules allow for better management of multiple warehouse locations, returns, drop shipments and credit limits.
  • Supply management. Automating your purchasing process keeps materials on hand when needed.
  • Better customer satisfaction. Provide customers and support teams with real-time visibility of inventory on location or in transit, reorder amounts and inventory expenses.
  • Know true costs. Understand detailed profitability metrics by location, product line, warehouse and business unit in real time.

Acumatica and professional services

Service industry companies succeed in delighting their clients with insights, information and results that help address critical needs. For professional services firms, that means acquiring new business, managing projects and delivering on time.

Acumatica’s services industry software gives your company a 360-degree view of customer requests, projects and activities. It provides a seamless, integrated and transparent view of work being done, status reports and costs.

Professional services firms need to focus on three pillars of profitability to make a profound impact on their clients’ lives and businesses.

  • Two-way communication that includes active listening
  • A clear understanding of needs, pressures, obstacles and opportunities
  • Exceptional execution and delivery of what is expected, ideally before the due date and on or under budget

The right ERP solution helps professional services firms achieve those important goals that create stronger business relationships, positive recommendations and reviews, and repeat business. The right solution needs to manage time and financial resources with automated business processes, document management, real-time analytics and mobile workflows. Your ERP should make it easy for customers, and the employees working on their behalf, to contact, communicate and get answers quickly.

Acumatica’s professional services solution integrates the following applications:

  • Customer management
  • Project accounting
  • Project cost tracking
  • Financial management
  • Employee time and expense management
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Sales order management
  • Purchase order management
  • Materials requirement planning (MRP)
  • Service and support automation
  • Deferred revenue accounting

For your customers, having these tools available provides significant added value and differentiates your firm from the competition. You’ll also reduce the total cost of ownership by consolidating the most essential business processes in one integrated solution.

Acumatica and field services

Many businesses rely heavily on field services to maintain, monitor, explore, serve or deliver to customers. With more remotely deployed employees, and the customers they serve, you need solutions that can access, collect, store, display and analyze information.

Integrating your dispatch services with other available information, reducing response times and lowering costs all have a major impact on your bottom line and customer retention.

Acumatica’s field services suite of apps works seamlessly and integrates with your sales, marketing, CRM, financial reporting, inventory, purchasing and accounting functions.

Together, these tools give you a complete, 360-degree view of customer activities, interactions and needs. Improve the overall customer experience while improving customer satisfaction scores, increase your recurring revenue opportunities and providing your customers with interactions with your brand that set you apart from your competition.

The Acumatica field services applications are web-based and mobile-friendly, giving you and your employees seamless integration of information in real time. What’s more, the field services management tools are integrated into Acumatica’s ERP, meaning there are no awkward transitions or clunky functionality as with other third-party add-on options.

Here are the major advantages to Acumatica Field Services Management:

  • Integrated scheduling, dispatching and call center. You can capture service needs quickly, access customer information, provide product history and pinpoint resources needed for fast and accurate response. Automatically create daily or weekly schedules or use drag-and-drop functions on a digital dispatch board with clear indicators of order status.
  • Use on multiple devices. The Acumatica solution works on all mobile devices with a connected browser, including Android and Apple iOS apps (for iPad). Service technicians can access service information and customer data.
  • Improve equipment maintenance. Your Acumatica solution records the history of each machine or piece of equipment at each customer site and tracks available inventory. Integrated with sales and finance, this tool tracks each step for each piece of equipment – quoting, order, delivery, installation and service work. It also tracks manufacturer, model and configuration and can automatically schedule maintenance.
  • Optimized inventory management. Your tools and equipment could be anywhere – in trucks, warehouses, garages or customer sites. Gain control and track the location of each tool, resulting in faster service, improved reordering and replenishment functions and logistics.
  • Manage service contracts and warranties. Service contracts are a valuable revenue source. Automated dashboards can alert service and sales teams of expiring contracts and coordinate appointments. Warranty management tools integrate warranties with other functions, giving you and your customers a clear indicator of timing, covered parts and services and ensures billing accuracy.
  • Track project costs. Understand the true costs of small or large installation projects, tracking the people, equipment, time, and materials used.
  • Improve collaboration. Collaboration is at the heart of ERP solutions. With field services applications, your sales, customer services and remote techs can work together to understand and resolve issues faster communicate customer concerns and gain a deeper understanding of other functions.

Acumatica and construction

Track information, understand project costs in real time and provide crucial information to requisition, purchasing and finance teams with Acumatica’s cloud construction accounting software.

This end-to-end system includes apps for project management, accounting, job costs, contracts, subcontracts, commitments, compliance and retainage. Among the major advantages are:

  • Device neutrality. Your employees will use the same software across computers, laptops, tablets or phones.
  • Integrated functionality. Modern APIs allow for seamless integration with our construction apps, including Hyphen Solutions, Procore and Smartsheet.
  • Better decisions. Once data is entered, it’s updated everywhere immediately and accessible by all users. There is a unified, single source of truth for all.
  • Improved access. Share real-time information with customers, suppliers, subcontractors or staff, including self-service dashboards, portals and reports.
  • Enhanced cost control. With more information available in the moment of need, your construction projects can have better profit margins and clearer control from estimating to close-outs.

The right Acumatica partner

NexTec works with businesses in multiple industries to improve their operations and reduce expenses with technology solutions. NexTec’s teams of consultants and technical experts bring extensive product and industry knowledge to their work.

NexTec works with our clients to identify critical business needs and select the right ERP solution that improves business outcomes. We help manage the installation, data and system migration and employee training on new ERP solutions, ensuring that there is a seamless and smooth transition that minimizes disruption.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise with Acumatica solutions provide our clients with insights to ensure that the ERP software is optimized. Learn why Acumatica is rated highest among cloud core financial suites and how NexTec can deliver great returns on your technology investment.

Take the Acumatica software tour and discover how to lower your operational costs and boost performance.

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