Integrate project management into your accounting system

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Looking for a project management solution that fully integrates with your accounting system?

Integrate project management work right into your accounting software with Acumatica

Integrate project management work right into your accounting software with Acumatica

Some organizations struggle with the decision between continuing to manage their Projects in an Accounting application versus a Project Management solution that fully integrates with the Accounting System.

Project Accounting for Acumatica is an Integrated Business Application designed to facilitate Project Management while keeping accurate and up-to-date Project Accounting records.

There are several advantages to using a Project Accounting solution to assist in Project Management.

The following are some of the primary benefits and differentiators between an Accounting solution versus a Project Management Accounting solution:

  • Allows the user to control and understand business profitability at a granular level. One of the most important features of Project Management Accounting is the ability to group Standard Accounting Processes and categorize business profitability by Project and tasks. Each Project could generate its own Profit and Loss report. This level of granularity allows the user to have better control and understanding of the Company’s Profit and Expenses while providing a summary of the Company’s Profitability.
  • Fully integrated with all Acumatica modules. Any project-related data entered into the system is instantly shared/updated throughout the applications. For example, if an employee enters an expense report. The employee’s manager is notified immediately. Upon approval of the expense, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Project records are updated simultaneously.
  • Accessible any time, any where. With the corresponding access rights, every team member within the organization can easily access Acumatica, regardless of their geographical location or time zone and from any mobile device (smart phone, android, laptop, tablet, etc.) with 100% of Acumatica Cloud Platform functionality is available through the browser.
  • Business Processes Efficiency. Being easily accessible and fully integrated, Acumatica provides an easy way to enter data while producing real time reporting for every level and role in the organization.
  • Flexible Calendars. The company’s Year End might be different from its projects’. This is common for projects which have a start/end date that crosses fiscal years. When this situation occurs, Project Expenses usually continue accumulating until the project is completed, rather than being transferred to Net Income at the end of the Fiscal year.

NexTec Partners

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Preferred partners


Act-On Software is the leader in adaptive marketing solutions that empower marketers to achieve the purposeful and personalized engagement that their business needs to thrive — all with the fastest time-to-value.


Akvelon Global Search displays your CRM records from multiple catergories through a single search inquiry. Akvelon has years of experience helping clients drive innovation, productivity and business performance.

American Payment Solutions

American Payment Solutions offers a certified, integrated credit card processing for Acumatica. Their solutions are made for businesses of any size and are PCI Compliant



Designed exclusively for cannabis operations, Anthea is a complete retail management system for online, offline and your back-office. It gives you the tools and insights you need to make business decisions with confidence.


The market leader in sales tax automation, Avalara works within your own financial, billing, ecommerce, or point of sale system to deliver accurate tax calculations in real time via a secure Internet connection.

Binary Stream

With over 15 years of experience, Binary Stream provides unique and scalable software products, designed to be easy to manage and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


ClickDimensions is a top-rated fully-embedded marketing solution for Dynamics 365. Create emails, forms, nurture campaigns and more with their intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

DB Sync

DBSync is a complete on-demand integration and replication provider, empowering the customers to connect their applications without the burden of installing and maintaining software and hardware.

Dimo Maint

Effectively manage and schedule your maintenance tasks with Dimo Maint. Handle requests, send updates and automate scheduling with this complete maintenance management tool.


Element ID offers full turnkey RFID solutions and equipment for manufacturing and warehouse businesses. Together, we helped companies integrate RFID and barcoding into ERP systems, resulting in lower warehouse management costs, streamlined production, better inventory control and traceability.

e-One Solutions

eOne developes “no code” software for businesses, enabling them to fit their systems to their requirements. With eOne’s most popular add-on for Dynamics GP, SmartList Builder, you can create both new and modify exisiting SmartLists.


Infinity provides complete solutions for benefits enrollment and administration and HR process management for small- to mid-sized businesses. They provide state-of-the-art security so the data loaded is never compromised.


Embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, InsideView supports sales and marketing by providing rich market intelligence.

Key2Act (WennSoft)

A construction and field service management technology leader, Key2Act (previously WennSoft) provides software solutions to keep your projects on time, on budget, and on task.


Lascom has developed and deployed comprehensive software solutions to manage complex business processes and information. Their software is used across the globe in mid-sized and large organization in a variety of industries.


MaxQ specializes in providing business solutions to the consumer goods, manufacturing, distribution, and professional Services industries. Their commitment to innovation, industry expertise and exceptional service is one of many reasons why many have remained clients.

Mekorma Software

Mekorma’s best-selling enhancement for check printing and EFT security targets shortcomings and corrects them. Designed and built exclusively for Dynamics GP, it continually adapts to system improvements and gets better with every update.


Netstock’s intuitive cloud-based inventory management system helps you place orders faster, minimize stock-outs and reduce excess stock. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can see your orders at a click of a button and forecast with ease.

Nodus Technologies

Nodus is a leading provider of electronic payment, e-commerce and retail business solutions, focused on enhanced security and seamless integration with all of your account receivables.


From help desk to software development to implementation support, Plumbline is a premier resource with over 35 years of experience to help enhance and expand your service offerings.

Provenio Technology

Provenio focuses on specialty chemical manufacturers, providing software to help them compete in a fast changing industry, built to handle the unique requirements for industry.

Retail Control Systems

Retail Control Systems

Retail Control Systems offers retail POS solutions to help run your business effectively and efficiently. Founded in 1987, RCS has the experience and expertise to meet the unique needs of any business.


Sage offers business management solutions for small and midsize companies. NexTec has partnered with Sage for years and supports Sage X3 and Sage 500. We are proud to say we have the largest, most experienced Sage X3 consultants anywhere.


SalesPad has been helping businesses increase producivity and efficiency for over 10 years. They create software solutions for businesses everywhere – from statups to mom-and-pop shops to mid-sized and enterprise companies.

SAP Concur Partner

SAP Concur

The world’s leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services and solutions, SAP Concur helps organizations of all sizes, industries and locations run better. They offer cloud-based solutions to deliver an effortless experience for employees.


Scribe’s cloud-based and on-prem data integration platforms offer pre-built integration into dozens of applications, databases and systems, making your integrations fast, flexible and future-proof.

SK Global

With over 10 years of experience, SK Global Software is known for bringing valuable enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics with a primary focus on banking, treasury and revenue automation.

Solver BI360

A leader in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for mid-market companies, Solver is at the forefront of BI technology for cloud and on-premise ERPs. Solver’s BI360 solution is a powerful and intuitive suite of modules for reporting, consolidations, budgeting, dashboards and data warehousing.

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce provides EDI services and retail-focused solutions for retailers, vendors, brand, distributors, grocers, and more. Their platform provides visibility, analytics, collaboration and communication so that you can thrive in the digital retail world.

The Portal Connector

With The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365, you get a secure online mobile-friendly portal providing you with immediate connection to your customers, vendors and partners. The integration is seamless and with no need for complex technical requirements.


True Commerce provides EDI (Electronic Date Interchange) technology which allows one company to send information to another company electronically rather than with paper. Enjoy the peace of mind of a proven platform that reliably handles tens of millions of transactions annually.

V-Technologies StarShip

Work less, ship more with StarShip. NexTec and vTechnologies have built a StarShip integration with Sage X3 that simplifies the entire shipping process and improves accuracy. Ship parcel and freight shipments from one user interface that connects shipping with order entry, accounts receivable and customer service.


Manage human resources, payroll, time keeping and tax compliance with Wurk’s all in one workforce management system. This intuitive system will help streamline your operations and minimize compliance risk.


ZAP BI makes it easier for businesses to organize their data and comes pre-packaged with data-models, integrations and analytics. Reduce the time, complexity and cost of creating consistent and reliable information with ZAP BI.

How cloud computing helps your business

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Cloud computing is, in many ways, about access and agility

Cloud computing is, in many ways, about access and agility

With cloud-based solutions, companies have extraordinary opportunities to transform their business. Through cloud computing, companies can re-imagine complex business processes, streamline core operational areas, leverage new internal and external partnerships by removing system-based silos, shift staff resources and scale up with ease.

It’s heady stuff. Yet for companies that take full advantage of the strengths of cloud computing, the changes can be revolutionary.

Let’s look at some of the ways cloud computing is improving systems management for companies large and small.

Improved agility

Cloud computing gives you increased agility through its on-demand, multi-device self-service. This agile functionality allows companies to deploy resources more quickly and share information rapidly, often in real time. This agility lets companies innovate, allowing new products and services to come to bear faster.

Reduce barriers

In many organizations, systems and people are stuck in silos. Data is collected and stored in disparate file types and formats with different functionalities and little integration. By using cloud computing, massive amounts of data can be stored in the same system. Staff in different areas can access, analyze and use the same data sets. This functionality opens up new opportunities for collaboration, particularly among business units that previously did not.

Cloud computing helps break down silos and fosters better collaboration.

Cloud computing helps break down silos and fosters better collaboration.

Re-imagine business processes

With cloud computing, companies can explore new business processes; reconsider the way that back-office functions, such as finance, receivables, resource acquisition, and R&D work; eliminate manual steps and redundancies. Often these processes lead to new products and services that generate new revenue streams.

Scale the business

As companies grow and evolve, there is often a need to scale up or scale down certain systems. Using cloud-based resources, both types of scaling are far easier. In many cases, certain systems can be adjusted automatically to respond to needed scaling, without human intervention. Time needed for change implementation can be reduced from weeks or months to days or hours.

Improved IT provisioning

Internal IT offices are not incentivized to innovate. Without competition, the drive is often not there to seek out new ideas and products. Entropy can set in as IT staffs focus on “what works” and resisting change. Yet, many organizations rely deeply on IT expertise. In the hyper-competitive world of cloud computing, knowledge barriers are removed, reducing the need for internal IT resources.

Better security

By storing data and accessing software in the cloud, your data are protected. Cloud-based computing uses complex, multilayered security protocols that keep data secured from virtual or physical threats.

Business continuity

In the case of a natural disaster, fire, vandalism or theft, there’s a significant risk of disruption or destruction of businesses. Not with the cloud. With data, systems, and software stored in offsite servers, built-in redundancy and automated backups, businesses can be salvaged. In many cases, business functions can be temporarily or permanently restored from satellite or home locations, keeping businesses running.

Cloud computing provides enhanced functionality and opportunity. Businesses can improve efficiency, reduce expenses, find new revenue sources, and empower and engage employees differently. For more information on how to leverage cloud computing and improve operations in your organization, download the NexTec Corporate Overview Brochure.

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What is your cloud strategy?

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Cloud computing lets businesses re-imagine systems and innovate new ideas.

Cloud computing lets businesses re-imagine systems and innovate new ideas.

Disaster recovery is a term that makes most business owners shudder. Natural disasters alone have cost the global economy close to $7 trillion since 1990. For small businesses, even a minor disaster can have a crippling impact on profits. Many large enterprises utilize offsite datacenters to keep data safe in the event of disaster, but for small businesses, that simply isn’t an option. Now, with the availability of the cloud, even small businesses can safely back up all data and ensure their company is safe in the event of disaster.

Is your business leveraging the cloud?

Many businesses have yet to move to the cloud. Even if your business isn’t currently operating in the cloud, it’s still a good idea to create a cloud strategy. It’s only a matter of time before your business experiences a disaster, be it a natural disaster, a burglary, or a software failure. By transferring data to the cloud, you can ensure you always have a backup on hand in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Unlike offsite datacenters, the cloud offers an inexpensive way to store, scale, and manage data, requiring a low monthly fee to store all of your most important business files.

Start by outlining your objectives as a company

Your business team needs to begin brainstorming the core objectives that it hopes to gain from the cloud. Whether it’s to decrease the cost of data storage, increase the efficiency of data management, or improve your disaster recovery plan, it’s important to make a list of all the main criteria you’re seeking in the cloud.

Choose the type of cloud best suited to your company

With private, public, and hybrid clouds from which to choose, businesses have a lot of options when it comes to storing and managing data. The private cloud offers the most security, but it also requires the greatest financial investment and is more complicated to manage. The public cloud is easy and efficient to manage, while being incredibly affordable, but it doesn’t offer the same level of security and personalization as the private cloud. Hybrid clouds combine the best attributes of each, allowing businesses to benefit from the advantages that both the public and private cloud offer.

Public Cloud

The public cloud is cheap and easy to manage, and is accessible by everyone.

In addition to considering the cost and security you want from the cloud, you also need to consider your own data needs. Different providers offer varying level of storage abilities. Some businesses opt to utilize several cloud providers to manage different aspects of company data.

Uploading your data to the cloud

Your organization needs to decide what information needs to be stored in the cloud. Given that it will take time to upload the information, it’s best to prioritize your most critical company data, uploading the less significant information at a later date. In some instances, you may have to reformat files or refactor codes in order to store it in the cloud.

Far too many businesses have adequate disaster recovery plans and lose a considerable amount of money annually due to data loss. The cloud offers a secure platform for storing and managing data, while offering a cheap cost of ownership that’s accessible to all sizes of business. If your business is hoping to implement the cloud, but unsure how to proceed, NexTec can help. By listening to you and understanding your unique business requirements, we’ll work to find the best ERP, CRM and BI solutions for your company, while collaborating to implement the software efficiently. Contact us today, and learn how we can support the goals of your growing business.

Pharma Compliance: The Cloud, CRM and HIPAA

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Pharma Compliance: The Cloud, CRM and HIPAA

Efficiency is the watchword in healthcare today. With recent regulatory and legislative changes, including the advent of the federal Affordable Care Act, pharma and healthcare organizations are facing both increased costs and competition at a time when investments in healthcare are in decline. As they seek to serve patients better while bolstering productivity, could cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) be the answer?

A growing number of healthcare firms think so. New research finds the global healthcare cloud computing market is expected to grow from $3.73 billion in 2015 to $9.48 billion in 2020, an astounding CAGR of 20.5%. Cloud applications like CRM are attractive to healthcare organizations because they offer:

  • New features at low cost: With cloud applications, healthcare organizations can use the latest features and functions without the cost and hassle of managing and maintaining on-premise equipment and software. Rather than making large up-front investments, organizations are billed on a usage basis  enabling them to get to market quickly and keep to budget while meeting their growing needs.
  • On-demand access: Since applications are hosted in the cloud, all data and functions are available to staffers from just about anywhere and any device, significantly improving communications and collaboration, while simultaneously decreasing overhead and improving productivity.

Compliance in the Cloud

Unfortunately, healthcare organizations looking to adopt cloud solutions face several obstacles, not the least of which is compliance. While many cloud service providers (CSP’s) claim to service the healthcare industry, few actually offer the end-to-end security and compliance-ready solutions required, especially when it comes to complying with the Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Under HIPAA, healthcare providers must ensure patient data remains secure, no matter where it is stored or accessed. A requirement few CSP’s can meet.

Sage CRM is different. It is specifically designed to meet both the productivity and compliance needs of sectors such as pharma, medical device manufacturers, medicine, and life sciences. It helps these businesses curb operational costs, increase patient loyalty, and streamline communications by providing:

  • Secure, safe data management: While Sage CRM uses a single, unified cloud-based repository for all critical patient data, it also ensures that data is secure yet available to authorized users anytime, anywhere. Its innovative design ensures businesses can lower administrative costs while meeting strict compliance mandates.
  • Streamlined communication: Sage CRM makes it easy to send out automated notifications and messages related to follow-ups, appointments, prescriptions, and more. This helps save administrative personnel time and costs while ensuring patients receive the ultimate in service and care.
  • Workflow automation: With Sage CRM, healthcare organizations using cumbersome, error-prone manual processes for critical functions such as invoicing, billing, prescriptions, and more can replace them with customized, automated workflows that boost both operational performance and efficiency.

NexTec knows the intricacies of CRM in the cloud. As a Sage CRM partner, we are uniquely qualified to ensure your cloud-based CRM solution provides the efficiencies and competitive edge you need plus the care and services your patients expect and deserve. Contact us to learn more.

A CPM shake out is coming

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Why niche vendors are driving the future of finance

cpmThe days of the monolithic CPM vendors are numbered according to an article on how the CPM landscape is changing, written by finance industry expert Gary Simon – CEO of FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs following an interview with Prophix CEO, Paul Barber. Why? Because users are looking for solutions that provide the agile and functional capability that they require, something large corporate packages cannot always offer. Instead, they are turning to nimble, niche vendors over larger solution providers who are not able to be flexible enough to keep up with what people want to do.

This is particularly the case in the mid-market where specialist vendors that offer the functionality and ease-of-use the mid-market demands. The article goes on to highlight how customers should be able to evolve with their CPM solution; perhaps initially choosing CPM for budgeting needs, for example, but then growing into utilizing the full spectrum of capabilities to truly automate finance operations and enable more effective decision-making.

Although cloud has been a hot topic in the software market, the article discusses why the future for CPM lies in a hybrid cloud approach where, for certain functions/job roles, cloud-based access is advantageous but for others, on-premise is the best approach with companies moving smoothly between the two environments.

Read the full article from Gary Simon and discover the trends and shifts about to shake out the CPM industry.