Solving shipping’s biggest headaches

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Is shipping giving you a headache? Don't worry, we've got the cure!

Is shipping giving you a headache? Don’t worry, we’ve got the cure!

Business stakeholders know all too well the headaches involved with shipping. There are so many components and fine details needed to ensure that shipping runs smoothly, it can be one of the biggest headaches of running a business. Businesses need to rely on Transportation Management Systems technology that can help to cure the toughest shipping headaches and streamline the shipping process. StarShip with Sage X3 from NexTec will enable you to tackle your toughest shipping headaches with ease.

Duplicate data entry is clogging up your system

Shipping entails endless data entry. When entering data between separate ERP software and shipping software, there is not only high potential for error, but there is a constant risk of creating duplicate data sets, which can lead to bigger mistakes later on. NexTec’s shipping solutions software integrates seamlessly with your ERP, so data is automatically transferred between the software applications, eliminating duplicate data sets.

Assessing the true costs of shipping

The true cost of shipping is greater than the UPS or FedEx estimate, as you need to factor in the rate of returns, lost or damaged packages, the cost of shipping supplies, and the time spent managing claims. With all of these variables, it’s challenging to get an accurate estimate of shipping costs. With NexTec’s TMS software, you can compile all relevant data pertaining to shipping, packaging materials, and average rates of returns, enabling you to access the most accurate shipment costs available. Further, advanced insurance options from StarShip may offer significant savings from insurance offered by FedEx or UPS.

The right software improves accuracy and efficiency, so shipping is a seamless process.

The right software improves accuracy and efficiency, so shipping is a seamless process.

Managing the volume and scale of shipments

In order to keep shipping costs at a minimum, it’s imperative to manage volume and scaling as strategically as possible. According to CEO and Startup Advisor, Seth Talbott, the key to this rests in management and analysis.

Assess your current shipping processes and plan for strategic improvements that will continue to scale back spending. With NexTec’s shipping solution software, you can streamline inventory and shipping management, enabling you to better optimize shipments to improve cost-effectiveness.

Shipping is a challenge for any business. From managing returns efficiently to retaining clean and accurate data and records, it seems there is a constant headache associated with managing shipments.

StarShip with Sage X3 from NexTec can cure your shipping headaches once and for all by enabling you to seamlessly integrate your shipping and ERP software, while significantly improving your workflow and accuracy.

Managing international orders and returns

Perhaps the greatest challenge in shipping is managing international orders and returns. Not only does it entail higher expenses, but there are often certifications required for the customs processing. Andrew Thomas, from SkyBell Doorbell, recommends building a strong return merchandise authorization (RMA) process first, so you have a strategy in place for conquering returns efficiently. Since shipping costs will vary by destination, it helps to have an integrated software solution as well. With NexTec’s shipping solutions, you’ll be able to gain immediate access to all list rates and delivery dates, so you can always choose the ideal shipping method for each package.

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NexTec Partners

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Preferred partners


Act-On Software is the leader in adaptive marketing solutions that empower marketers to achieve the purposeful and personalized engagement that their business needs to thrive — all with the fastest time-to-value.


Akvelon Global Search displays your CRM records from multiple catergories through a single search inquiry. Akvelon has years of experience helping clients drive innovation, productivity and business performance.

American Payment Solutions

American Payment Solutions offers a certified, integrated credit card processing for Acumatica. Their solutions are made for businesses of any size and are PCI Compliant



Designed exclusively for cannabis operations, Anthea is a complete retail management system for online, offline and your back-office. It gives you the tools and insights you need to make business decisions with confidence.


The market leader in sales tax automation, Avalara works within your own financial, billing, ecommerce, or point of sale system to deliver accurate tax calculations in real time via a secure Internet connection.

Binary Stream

With over 15 years of experience, Binary Stream provides unique and scalable software products, designed to be easy to manage and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


ClickDimensions is a top-rated fully-embedded marketing solution for Dynamics 365. Create emails, forms, nurture campaigns and more with their intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

DB Sync

DBSync is a complete on-demand integration and replication provider, empowering the customers to connect their applications without the burden of installing and maintaining software and hardware.

Dimo Maint

Effectively manage and schedule your maintenance tasks with Dimo Maint. Handle requests, send updates and automate scheduling with this complete maintenance management tool.


Element ID offers full turnkey RFID solutions and equipment for manufacturing and warehouse businesses. Together, we helped companies integrate RFID and barcoding into ERP systems, resulting in lower warehouse management costs, streamlined production, better inventory control and traceability.

e-One Solutions

eOne developes “no code” software for businesses, enabling them to fit their systems to their requirements. With eOne’s most popular add-on for Dynamics GP, SmartList Builder, you can create both new and modify exisiting SmartLists.


Infinity provides complete solutions for benefits enrollment and administration and HR process management for small- to mid-sized businesses. They provide state-of-the-art security so the data loaded is never compromised.


Embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, InsideView supports sales and marketing by providing rich market intelligence.

Key2Act (WennSoft)

A construction and field service management technology leader, Key2Act (previously WennSoft) provides software solutions to keep your projects on time, on budget, and on task.


Lascom has developed and deployed comprehensive software solutions to manage complex business processes and information. Their software is used across the globe in mid-sized and large organization in a variety of industries.


MaxQ specializes in providing business solutions to the consumer goods, manufacturing, distribution, and professional Services industries. Their commitment to innovation, industry expertise and exceptional service is one of many reasons why many have remained clients.

Mekorma Software

Mekorma’s best-selling enhancement for check printing and EFT security targets shortcomings and corrects them. Designed and built exclusively for Dynamics GP, it continually adapts to system improvements and gets better with every update.


Netstock’s intuitive cloud-based inventory management system helps you place orders faster, minimize stock-outs and reduce excess stock. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can see your orders at a click of a button and forecast with ease.

Nodus Technologies

Nodus is a leading provider of electronic payment, e-commerce and retail business solutions, focused on enhanced security and seamless integration with all of your account receivables.


From help desk to software development to implementation support, Plumbline is a premier resource with over 35 years of experience to help enhance and expand your service offerings.

Provenio Technology

Provenio focuses on specialty chemical manufacturers, providing software to help them compete in a fast changing industry, built to handle the unique requirements for industry.

Retail Control Systems

Retail Control Systems

Retail Control Systems offers retail POS solutions to help run your business effectively and efficiently. Founded in 1987, RCS has the experience and expertise to meet the unique needs of any business.


Sage offers business management solutions for small and midsize companies. NexTec has partnered with Sage for years and supports Sage X3 and Sage 500. We are proud to say we have the largest, most experienced Sage X3 consultants anywhere.


SalesPad has been helping businesses increase producivity and efficiency for over 10 years. They create software solutions for businesses everywhere – from statups to mom-and-pop shops to mid-sized and enterprise companies.

SAP Concur Partner

SAP Concur

The world’s leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services and solutions, SAP Concur helps organizations of all sizes, industries and locations run better. They offer cloud-based solutions to deliver an effortless experience for employees.


Scribe’s cloud-based and on-prem data integration platforms offer pre-built integration into dozens of applications, databases and systems, making your integrations fast, flexible and future-proof.

SK Global

With over 10 years of experience, SK Global Software is known for bringing valuable enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics with a primary focus on banking, treasury and revenue automation.

Solver BI360

A leader in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for mid-market companies, Solver is at the forefront of BI technology for cloud and on-premise ERPs. Solver’s BI360 solution is a powerful and intuitive suite of modules for reporting, consolidations, budgeting, dashboards and data warehousing.

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce provides EDI services and retail-focused solutions for retailers, vendors, brand, distributors, grocers, and more. Their platform provides visibility, analytics, collaboration and communication so that you can thrive in the digital retail world.

The Portal Connector

With The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365, you get a secure online mobile-friendly portal providing you with immediate connection to your customers, vendors and partners. The integration is seamless and with no need for complex technical requirements.


True Commerce provides EDI (Electronic Date Interchange) technology which allows one company to send information to another company electronically rather than with paper. Enjoy the peace of mind of a proven platform that reliably handles tens of millions of transactions annually.

V-Technologies StarShip

Work less, ship more with StarShip. NexTec and vTechnologies have built a StarShip integration with Sage X3 that simplifies the entire shipping process and improves accuracy. Ship parcel and freight shipments from one user interface that connects shipping with order entry, accounts receivable and customer service.


Manage human resources, payroll, time keeping and tax compliance with Wurk’s all in one workforce management system. This intuitive system will help streamline your operations and minimize compliance risk.


ZAP BI makes it easier for businesses to organize their data and comes pre-packaged with data-models, integrations and analytics. Reduce the time, complexity and cost of creating consistent and reliable information with ZAP BI.

Shipping software

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Shipping solutions – StarShip integration with Sage X3

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Starship integration with Sage X3 simplifies the entire shipping process

Starship integration with Sage X3 simplifies the entire shipping process

It’s a simple equation – the faster you ship, the faster you can collect. Distributors continually seek efficiencies to enable their warehouse staff to get more product out the door faster. A common bottleneck is the shipping manifest task—how to efficiently exchange order data between your ERP software to your shipping software. The Sage X3 Integration with StarShip, developed by NexTec Group, eliminates this bottleneck, facilitating the swift exchange of strategic shipping data between your ERP package and your shipping software.

StarShip integration with Sage X3 eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and the inevitable mistakes that go with it. Simply scan the order/shipment number into StarShip and all the relevant data populates the screen. No need to re-enter the shipment address, phone number, list of products, carrier or shipping method. It’s an easy, intuitive flow that supports and streamlines your organization’s existing practices.

Features and benefits of the Sage X3 Integration with StarShip from NexTec provide practical features that deliver time and money-saving benefits.

  • Eliminate need for duplicate data entry of shipping data
  • Write actual freight costs, tracking numbers, and package contents back to the invoice
  • Compare invoiced freight costs with actual freight costs to ensure profitability
  • Shop for the best rates among carriers and update invoice with selected shipper and method
  • Use customers’ account numbers (consignment shipping)
  • Updates Sage X3 with package content detail to facilitate EDI processing

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