Webcast: Cut costs and improve food safety with RFID

If you’re an the food industry, you know that tighter regulations, product recalls, and growing customer concerns have put a heavy burden on tracking the movement of goods through your supply chain. How can you make it easier to track your ingredients and products?

RFID integration with Sage X3 – perfect for food and beverage

With powerful automatic identification functionality, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time and resources spent on keeping track of your products and lessen the impact a recall has on your business.

NexTec, Sage and Element ID have built and integration of RFID with Sage X3 – the perfect ERP system for food and beverage. This strong combination helps companies:

  • Improve food safety
  • Tighten operations
  • Drive down excess inventories
  • Reduce storage and handling costs
  • Comply with regulations

Watch this webcast to learn more.