ERP Solutions for CAPA

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March 24, 2016

product-recall-boxIs your team ready to handle a product recall?

A product recall or noncompliance notice can happen to any food and beverage company, even those that pride themselves on the quality of their facilities and their safety record. The latest FDA regulations

include stringent quality, safety, and compliance provisions, making it imperative for businesses to have CAPA (corrective action, preventive action) plans in place.

Industry studies show that recalls are not just disruptive, but expensive. More than half of recent recalls and noncompliance cases cost the companies affected more than $10 million. (For twenty-three percent of the companies involved in recalls, costs topped $30 million.)

A good CAPA plan can reduce disruption and control recall costs — as well as reduce the risk of recalls in the first place.

A bit about CAPA

CAPA plans are not just for the food and beverage industry. They’re an essential element of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and quality management systems in many fields, including pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. CAPA is all about preventing (and addressing) quality problems by looking at their root causes. Corrective actions are taken when a problem has already occurred and comes to light because of a regulatory action, a customer complaint, or an internal audit. Preventive actions are usually initiated as a result of a business planning process to increase safety or decrease risk.

Test your recall readiness

If your company is prepared to deal with a product recall, you’ll be able to answer “yes” to questions like these:

  • Is your team familiar with best practices for CAPA? The FDA expects food and beverage manufacturers to be prepared to act in accordance with those best practices.
  • Are you in compliance with current FDA regulations, and are you tracking news about new regulations in the pipeline?
  • Do you have in place automated systems and plans to handle a possible product recall? It’s estimated that only one-third of food and beverage companies have instituted standardized processes to handle a recall efficiently.

The time to prepare is now

NexTec works with clients to reduce risk and increase readiness by using an ERP solution to fully automate the CAPA process. ERP systems such as Sage X3 make it easy for our clients to:

  • Take corrective, and preventive, actions
  • Improve traceability
  • Manage recalls effectively

We offer a number of online tools to help you envision how the Sage X3 ERP solution can work for you. Our CAPA infographic shows the healthy results enjoyed by best-in-class CAPA adopters. The downloadable At-A-Glance Guide “FSMA Compliance Starts Now” provides a comprehensive overview of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Contact us and find out how a NexTec expert can help your company put an ERP-powered CAPA plan in place.