Getting the most from an Acumatica implementation: Nucleus guidebook

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December 12, 2019
Acumatica Implementation

Industry focuses, customizations, and developments—vendors are empowering their partners like never before. As a result, giving the partners the tools to innovate on the platform provided by the vendor becomes a key differentiator.

Getting the most from an ERP investment may seem like a challenge. However, if you know what to look for in ERP, you’ll be in a better position than most. So what should you look for?

Luckily, a new report from leading analyst firm Nucleus Research looks to discuss the growing importance of vendors like Acumatica as the cloud market matures. In the Nucleus report, titled Acumatica Platform Guidebook, analyst Seth Lippincott explored just how Acumatica continues to deliver for its customers.

Whether it’s through their stable technological backbone, allowing for easy expansion and innovation or their flexible Cloud xRP Platform to integrate applications across their operations and add flexibility to their software ecosystem, Acumatica is expanding and improving.

When flexibility is table stakes, what’s next?

The last time you probably looked at ERP software, companies on the leading edge pitched themselves as flexible, touting themselves as a cure for the traditional, rigid, monolithic suite. However, in today’s ERP market, flexibility is expected. Today, it’s all about how a vendor (and their partner network) can answer your exact business needs.

Just as the vendor’s role has changed, so has the partner’s. The role of the partner ecosystem for ERP vendors is shifting along with the market, with partners focusing more on value-add services and products rather than annual maintenance fees.

Industry focuses, customizations, and developments—vendors are empowering their partners like never before. As a result, giving the partners the tools to innovate on the platform provided by the vendor becomes a key differentiator.

How Acumatica is delivering more than flexibility.

In their report, Nucleus interviewed partners and customers to determine how both groups were realizing value by using the Acumatica Platform. Whether they came from entry-level products or legacy ERP, many of the companies Nucleus talked to needed a platform that could help them grow and expand, move with their business, and keep up with their industry.

Among the benefits of the solution, as cited in the report:

  • The choice of deployment: Cloud-native at heart, many companies opt for their product to be deployed through a software-as-a-service model. However, Acumatica does allow customers to host the software in a private cloud or on-premises.
  • The freedom to grow: Unlike many other vendors in the ERP space, Acumatica’s pricing is not on a per-user basis, and instead offers a consumption model based on transaction volume and data storage requirements.
  • The industry-ready solution: Another one of the key areas Acumatica has been improving is in its industry vertical approach. With core competencies in manufacturing, distribution, service industries, retail and e-commerce, software and technology, their partner network can mix and match to create the right solution for your business as well.

Three reasons Acumatica continues to grow

Nucleus found that customers and partners selected Acumatica for several reasons including ease of use, belief in the technology, developer community, and the prospects for growth.

  • Ease of use: For some customers, Acumatica represents their first ERP software after moving away from a hodgepodge of spreadsheets and QuickBooks. For others, it’s their first foray into the cloud. Either way, the companies who have made the move cite this usability and user interface as a value driver at their organization.
  • Direction: Nucleus found that customers have bought into the technology vision for the Acumatica Platform, especially as Acumatica continues to expand its partnerships. Thanks to platform openness and freedom for innovation, companies see the software heading in the right direction.
  • Ready to scale: Nucleus found one of the primary reasons customers picked Acumatica was the ability of the software to grow with their businesses. With no additional marginal cost to add a new user to the system, customers don’t have to worry about license fees getting in the way of expansion. The result is that customers can grow with the confidence that the solution will continue to aid their businesses rather than hinder them.

Learn more: Grow with Acumatica

As your business grows and changes, you’ll need your ERP platform to keep up with you. If you’re looking to learn more about all the market drivers and how Acumatica is staying ahead of the curve, we invite you to read the entire Acumatica Platform Guidebook, which will discuss the above topics in more detail as well as discuss:

  • Why it’s now essential to work with a skilled implementation partner.
  • What a cloud ERP with the highest levels of usability looks like.
  • Why one customer compared Acumatica Cloud ERP to a “box of Legos.”
  • How cloud ERP is likely to change in the near future.
  • How cloud ERP can help you increase process efficiency and reduce costs.

Click here to download the entire report.

If you are in the market for a modern enterprise resource planning solution to take your business through the 2020s with ease, look no further than Acumatica. With an experienced network of partners like NexTec Group, Acumatica can work for your business today and in the future. Get to know more about us and contact us for a free consultation.

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