Top benefits of ERP | CRM | BI software
for manufacturers

The top benefits of ERP, CRM and BI solutions for manufacturers include:

Plan production cycles more strategically

Working together ERP, CRM and BI can help you plan production timed to customer demand and supplier cycles. Improve production cycle planning with capacity planning, bill of materials management and shop floor controls. Tie in performance tracking and financial reporting to create plans that take into account lead times, material requirements and supply delivery.

Increase speed and accuracy of order fulfillment

Products will leave the factory on time when you are confident the right inventory is available through ERP. The time and resources required to prepare documentation for shipping, including compliance with hazmat and exporting requirements, also is greatly reduced. Picking and packing integration means you will track and process orders with a much higher degree of accuracy.

Streamline supply chain management

Your supplier relationships across the entire supply chain are critical to your success. Manage your supply chain proactively with the ERP | CRM | BI integration of every link in the chain, including sourcing, vendors, procurement and transportation logistics.

Control inventory better and in real time

Avoid the costly expense of overstocking materials and supplies as a result of market fluctuations. Reduce warehouse space and capital expenditures on excess inventory, gain more control over materials and maintain a point-in-time valuation and revaluation. Trace every material and product with lot, sub-lot and serial number traceability for a full view of inventory at all times in ERP.

Increase product quality

Improve sourcing decisions and accuracy for quality control with access to real-time information. Customize quality assurance criteria based on your specific products and easily manage expiration dates, stock inspections, upstream and downstream traceability and quickly provide detailed quality control records.

Automate data collection and reduce costs

Different departments need specific sets of data to perform their roles, but unearthing and reconciling the right data across multiple business functions is cumbersome and time-consuming. Automate your data collection and reporting functions with business intelligence to reduce redundancy and aggregate information across departments to provide production managers real-time data.

Stay compliant with US and global regulations

Manufacturers face unique risks and compliance challenges as a result of globalization. Automated lot traceability, detailed audit trails, and improved personnel administration increases your ability to meet and report on regulations. Seamlessly conduct business overseas with built-in fiscal and legal rules for multiple countries.