Oilfield Services

Top benefits of ERP | CRM | BI software
for oilfield services

Here are the top benefits of ERP, CRM and BI solutions for oilfield services:

Seamlessly integrate all locations and processes

Eliminate fragmented systems and duplicated data entry, aggregate all your data points company-wide, and manage locations, processes, operations and costs from one platform. Accurately track all your activities in real-time, from supply chain and transportation to labor and subcontractors, regardless of location.

Mitigate risks

Keep on top of the unpredictability of the oil and gas market and gain insight to help stakeholders like boards, executives, managers and audit committees understand and mitigate project risks. Easily generate historical reports with integrated access to all your data stored. Analyze trends to identify emerging risks and better predict how unplanned events may impact operations.

Stay a step ahead of compliance

Rigorously enforce compliance requirements like the regulation of GHGs as pollutants under the Clean Air Act, hazardous materials disposal, and manage inspections, to ensure your processes follow standards. Automatically detect and quarantine items that don’t conform to set rules.

Ensure health, safety, and environmental standards are met

Ensure your rig and drilling processes meet all standards with thorough risk assessments, testing, incident capture, emissions measures, and hazard monitoring controls that continuously look for improvements.

Manage international operations

Use the same consolidated system to manage onshore and offshore operations and business divisions as you expand internationally. Multi-language, multi-currency and multi-legislative capabilities simplify tasks such as currency conversion and financial reporting, as well as country-based compliance.

Optimize field logistics and supply chain management

Track all your goods and materials, whether imported or sourced locally, from container loading and shipping through warehouse arrival. Streamline your warehouse and field logistics, and minimize manual tracking including materials flow. Provide field managers the tools to effectively manage logistics, from scheduling and ordering to human resources and transportation.

Track equipment needs

Gain real-time visibility, into the location, rig supply, availability, and utilization of all equipment and tools required for oil drilling and operations. Manage the assets, schedule preventative maintenance and repairs and automatically keep track of service tickets and invoices.

Improve costing accuracy and track fluctuating raw material costs

Advanced HR and accounting tools are fully configured for onshore and offshore industries, with modules such as equipment supply, rig rental and tracking, personnel hire and job costing. Use one console to manage cost overruns on fixed-price contracts, cash flow, job estimates, AFE budgets, assets, purchasing, and forecasting.