Professional Services

Top benefits of ERP | CRM | BI software for
professional services

The top benefits of ERP, CRM and BI solutions for your professional services company include:

Improved project management

Manage each project from bid or estimate through invoicing and tracking key performance indicators, workflows, and timelines. Manage entire teams, break each project into subprojects or individuals tasks while maintaining visibility into all milestones, deadlines and third-party services.

Instant project tracking

Monitor deadlines automatically and allocate resources in a way that maximizes skills and workloads. At any time during the project, real-time snapshots provide the ability to compare timeline and budget milestones with completion projections.

Manage all your resources

Staffing is a large expense category, and human resource management is a continuous task. Integrate your employees, partners and contractors’ time sheets and expense reports into the same platform for more efficient invoice generation and resource productivity while eliminating manual data entry into spreadsheets.

Budgeting transparency

Gain a complete view of the project as a whole for an accurate picture of sales, profits, and budget including costs, prices, services and third-party vendors. Assign specific conditions including flat-fee or hourly-based invoicing to projects. Conduct an analysis to quickly evaluate the profitability of completed projects.

Reduced administrative and other costs

Automate processes and eliminate duplicate data entry for different systems to improve productivity, simplify workflows and cut administrative expenses. Control operating costs through better resource allocation and improve job costing and cost-planning capabilities — improving your profit margins.

Improved customer service

Instant visibility into project history, job status, and other details allow sales and project teams to respond to inquiries from customers quickly to improve communication and satisfaction. Continuously optimize services and identify opportunities for cross-selling. Recurring service or maintenance modes will automatically coordinate service calls and calculate costs for invoicing.

Make customers your partners

Integrate customers into the platform and take customer collaboration to the next level.

Tactical and strategic growth

Instant visibility into projects, customer history, profitability and customer needs provide the data necessary to strategically grow while staying responsive to the needs of existing customers.

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