NexTec ERP and HB Chemical: Partnership enables impressive growth

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February 5, 2019
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HB Chemical partnered with NexTec to develop tools to improve warehouse efficiency and operations.

During its 30-plus years in business, HB Chemical has trusted one technology partner to create actionable solutions that address critical strategic needs: NexTec Group. The partnership has driven substantial growth that has helped the Twinsburg, Ohio chemical distribution company grow from $6 million in annual revenue to $135 million.

Over the years, NexTec has built solutions to automate document creation, achieve greater operational efficiency in its warehouse operations and support the company’s international expansion. The NexTec ERP and HB Chemical partnership enables impressive growth, from the selection of the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to the development of customized tools.

It’s an example of the long-term relationships NexTec builds with its clients, guided by a deep understanding of their markets, industries and available solutions.

About HB Chemical

Founded in 1985, HB Chemical provides chemicals and compounds used in the production of coatings, plastics and rubber. It has an inventory of more than 600 products distributed through strategically located warehouses in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Its strength is its ability to deliver products quickly and efficiently to its customers.

That’s why the company turns to NexTec when it needs to improve its technological infrastructure in response to shifting market demands. As the company has grown, so has the demand for sophisticated software tools that can adapt to rapid changes in the chemical industry.

Quality assurance.

NexTec created a customized process to help HB Chemical automate its quality assurance program.

Delivering quality and accuracy

As HB Chemical grew, it needed to automate how it generated Certificates of Analysis, issued by quality assurance teams to verify that products meet specific production specifications and standards. To ensure proper documentation, quality and consistency, the company needed to create a process that at the time was not even computerized. Any new application NexTec created also had to integrate with the company’s ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP.

NexTec built a solution to house all the necessary technical data and automatically generate certificates and safety data sheets required for shipping.

HB Chemical relies on efficient warehouse operations to deliver needed products to its customers. NexTec created a customized dashboard that has reduced the time and labor necessary to pick, pack and ship orders.

Remote warehouse employees can access the dashboard, see which orders are ready to ship and print bills of lading and shipping labels. Central employees can access any warehouse’s dashboard to check order status and ensure products are shipped in a timely manner.

Scaling operations with NexTec

As HB Chemical has grown, it has sought out NexTec to build new tools and find solutions necessary for expansion. For example, when the company needed an enterprise-wide complete warehouse management system. NexTec helped source a solution that integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

When the company wanted to expand into Mexico, NexTec worked to leverage Microsoft Dynamics GP’s highly scalable features and multilanguage capabilities.

Annette Doria, vice president of operations for HB Chemical, said the company needs a technology partner that can adapt to unique business processes and apply industry expertise to new challenges.

“They listen to us, they ask the right questions and they get results,” Doria said. “They’ve taken my ideas, combined them with their own, and created for us a business management solution that works extremely well.”

NexTec understands the complex needs of today’s chemical companies. Learn how HB Chemical grew from $6 million to $135 million in annual revenue. And if it’s time to make sure your ERP solution fully meets your company’s needs, we invite you to get our guide – 10 tips to smart ERP selection.