Optimize food and beverage ops: Integrate ERP, CRM, and supply chain

Categories: ERP, Food and Beverage
April 4, 2019
Factory worker using a tablet.

Integrating ERP, CRM and supply chain functions gives your food and beverage company a competitive advantage.

Streamlining operations is a top priority for today’s food and beverage companies. With tight margins, fast-changing customer expectations and new ingredients and flavors emerging constantly, businesses need to be responsive and effective in the wake of constant change.

Managing this extraordinary wave of disruption presents opportunity for those companies that leverage their existing technologies to deliver better insights and efficiencies. One way to optimize operations is to integrate customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain systems.

Here’s a closer look at what happens when you optimize food and beverage ops and integrate CRM, ERP, and supply chain.

Addressing Food and Beverage Challenges Head On

Food and beverage companies are facing complex challenges that demand solutions that simplify the way work is done. Among the most common challenges are:

  • Cost Pressures. Facing tight margins forces companies to look closely at costs and pricing. Companies need a rigorous and transparent understanding of procurement, inventory, sales and marketing conditions to make the best decisions.
  • Food Safety. The advent of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has put a bright spotlight around safety procedures companies and their partners use.
  • Changing Tastes. Consumers today expect products that are healthy, optimally sourced and addressing dietary and nutritional expectations.

Facing these challenges means leveraging the capabilities of your CRM and ERP platforms, working in tandem with your supply chain management to deliver quality, variety and innovation.

Factory worker using a pad a paper.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management gives your food and beverage company better insights into costs, operations and customers.

Finding a Solution

Companies need a faster, simpler and more flexible way to manage finances, production and supply chain. With Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, companies can leverage the capabilities of ERP and CRM at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical solutions. Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management provides real-time insights for all phases of your business – procurement, warehousing, sales, customer service and financial management – with faster insights into cost and performance.

Sage also makes it easier for employees to use the powerful tools and data stored within. Using a single cohesive suite of applications, Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management adapts to unique user roles, preferences and workflows. Users can access information securely via the cloud on mobile or desktop devices.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management gives your business flexible configuration options and can be housed in the cloud or on premises. It works closely with your supply chain by offering real-time insights on purchasing, inventory management, sales management and customer service, allowing your employees to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Your business will remain compliant and responsive to customer demands.

Sage improves warehouse and inventory operations, too. The solution allows for better inventory tracking and product profitability while reducing waste. Operationally, Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management includes tools to document food safety and provide traceability and recall management.

Integrating your CRM tools with access to customer data helps lift your sales and marketing efforts and better manage customer and prospect requests.

At NexTec, we work closely with food and beverage companies to implement solutions like Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management that transform the way work is done. Take a free tour of Sage Enterprise Management and learn how NexTec can give your business the competitive advantage it needs to thrive in today’s marketplace.