Pharma Compliance: the Cloud, CRM and HIPAA

Pharma Compliance: The Cloud, CRM and HIPAA

Efficiency is the watchword in healthcare today. With recent regulatory and legislative changes, including the advent of the federal Affordable Care Act, pharma and healthcare organizations are facing both increased costs and competition at a time when investments in healthcare are in decline. As they seek to serve patients better while bolstering productivity, could cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) be the answer?

A growing number of healthcare firms think so. New research finds the global healthcare cloud computing market is expected to grow from $3.73 billion in 2015 to $9.48 billion in 2020, an astounding CAGR of 20.5%. Cloud applications like CRM are attractive to healthcare organizations because they offer:

  • New features at low cost: With cloud applications, healthcare organizations can use the latest features and functions without the cost and hassle of managing and maintaining on-premise equipment and software. Rather than making large up-front investments, organizations are billed on a usage basis  enabling them to get to market quickly and keep to budget while meeting their growing needs.
  • On-demand access: Since applications are hosted in the cloud, all data and functions are available to staffers from just about anywhere and any device, significantly improving communications and collaboration, while simultaneously decreasing overhead and improving productivity.

Compliance in the Cloud

Unfortunately, healthcare organizations looking to adopt cloud solutions face several obstacles, not the least of which is compliance. While many cloud service providers (CSP’s) claim to service the healthcare industry, few actually offer the end-to-end security and compliance-ready solutions required, especially when it comes to complying with the Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Under HIPAA, healthcare providers must ensure patient data remains secure, no matter where it is stored or accessed. A requirement few CSP’s can meet.

Sage CRM is different. It is specifically designed to meet both the productivity and compliance needs of sectors such as pharma, medical device manufacturers, medicine, and life sciences. It helps these businesses curb operational costs, increase patient loyalty, and streamline communications by providing:

  • Secure, safe data management: While Sage CRM uses a single, unified cloud-based repository for all critical patient data, it also ensures that data is secure yet available to authorized users anytime, anywhere. Its innovative design ensures businesses can lower administrative costs while meeting strict compliance mandates.
  • Streamlined communication: Sage CRM makes it easy to send out automated notifications and messages related to follow-ups, appointments, prescriptions, and more. This helps save administrative personnel time and costs while ensuring patients receive the ultimate in service and care.
  • Workflow automation: With Sage CRM, healthcare organizations using cumbersome, error-prone manual processes for critical functions such as invoicing, billing, prescriptions, and more can replace them with customized, automated workflows that boost both operational performance and efficiency.

NexTec knows the intricacies of CRM in the cloud. As a Sage CRM partner, we are uniquely qualified to ensure your cloud-based CRM solution provides the efficiencies and competitive edge you need plus the care and services your patients expect and deserve. Contact us to learn more.