Product recall gone well – Part II

Categories: Product recall management
February 27, 2015

product recallIn Part I, we discussed how being unprepared for a product recall can not only affect your business in the short-term but can also cause long-term problems for your company and brand.  In today’s post we’ll cover how you can survive and thrive during a product recall, several points your business should consider about product recalls, and what you can learn from not having a product recall.

2 P’s in product recall

When considering a product recall and how it can affect your business over the both the short- and long-term, one of the most important ways to protect yourself is through proper preparation and planning.  Having a properly designed plan on how your team will react to a product recall will save you time & money, but will also give your team confidence when it comes time to act.  It’s critical to map out what needs to be done and which team members are responsible ahead of time to avoid duplication and key tasks being missed.

Technology to the rescue

Today’s responses need to be quick, accurate and reproducible.  Implementing a strong ERP & CRM solution will help you navigate a recall quickly, engage with your customers immediately, and save time and money.  In addition, consider adding a Recall Management Module that connects with your ERP to streamline the process and RFID technology to easily track and identify affected inventory and shipments.

A strong ERP with a product recall management solution will help you to:

  • Identify the products and quantities affected
  • See where they were shipped
  • Produce a list of remaining affected stock
  • Get supplier details for affected products
  • Flag affected stock as ‘Do Not Use’
  • Print/email required consumer notification letters
  • Create call lists in CRM to aid customer service

Practice makes perfect!

Having a good plan and proper technology in place makes for a great playbook on how to survive a product recall.  However, a great plan that has never been practiced can be a disaster.  The best teams do mock play, so on game day, everyone knows what to do and how to do it.  Likewise, your company should run mock product recalls to allow your team to:

  • Learn and practice the process
  • Gain insight on gaps in your current procedures
  • Collect feedback from your front line employees
  • Build confidence in your organization to handle a recall quickly & efficiently
  • Continually evolve your processes

Product recall made easy

No company wants to go through a product recall, but when it does happen, be prepared with:

  • A rock solid recall plan in place
  • A good ERP/CRM system with recall management to allow you to execute quickly
  • A team that’s practiced and confident in the procedures

Having all three in place will allow you to quickly identify the situation, respond, and move forward. So, you are focused on what’s next and not doing damage control.  And that is a product recall made easy!