Removing barriers between siloed data with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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February 22, 2017
Silos of data. They can't talk to each other. Actually they can't talk at all.

Silos of data. They can’t talk to each other. Nope, they can’t talk at all.

Your organization has a problem and you aren’t alone: it’s called siloed data. While a silo full of grain is a great storage solution, separate storage for departmental and application data is not. The problem is that siloed data is preventing you from giving customers the best possible experience and hurting your business operations.

A CRM solution can help break down the barriers associated with siloed data to enable you to share your data across your organization to improve productivity, efficiency and save you money.

What is siloed data, anyway?

Departments and regional offices have a need use different applications and to store data locally, but when that data becomes isolated from the rest of your team you are not getting the cross-functional communication and cooperation your organization needs to run a peak performance. When customer service can’t access data from the sales team, or the marketing team can’t share with the finance department, the ones who suffer are your customers. If upper management is unable to access critical data, decisions are based on incomplete information.

The proliferation of apps, thanks to the rise of SaaS and the cloud, is one contributor to this problem. Small businesses use an average of 14.3 applications, while a larger enterprise may be using close to 500 applications company-wide.

In addition, data storage structures can include custom data fields that make it difficult share and make use of the data coming from these disparate applications. Although there are pragmatic reasons for subdivisions, the silos that are created prevent departments from cross-collaboration and companies from operating at optimal efficiencies. The customer experience suffers when organizations are unable to speak in one voice.

When your customer calls customer service to ask a question, they aren’t going to cut you slack because data is stuck in the sales department. They want a unified customer experience. According to Kampyle, 87% of customers say that businesses need to put more effort in providing a seamless customer experience across different communication channels.

Eliminating Silos with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

James Phillips, corporate vice president of Microsoft Business Applications, Platform and Intelligence Group, stated, “ digital transformation requires a degree of business process agility — and a unification across the business — not supported by the traditional siloed ERP and CRM approach of the past.”

Dynamics 365 reduces siloed data through a single-bundled ERP and CRM platform that unifies its capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and project service automation, for enhanced communications and collaboration.  With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has addressed two critical enterprise initiatives: reducing legacy data silos and the meeting the demands of digital transformation.

According to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will “reinvent business processes taking both a people-centric and platform-centric approach.”

Dynamics 365 allows organizations to create cross-product workflows that offer the flexibility needed for departments to share data to improve customer engagement and make business decisions that will secure and expand operations. The platform allows you to begin with the applications you need and add more as the business needs grow and change in order to:

  • Better engage customers
  • Empower employees
  • Optimize operations
  • Reinvent products and business models

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365

If your organization is suffering from the effects from siloed data, Microsoft Dynamics 365 could be the answer. NexTec is an award-winning business consultancy with experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and other CRM applications, as well as ERP and BI solutions. We can help you to eliminate the silos of data in your organization to provide greater process and business control, improve workflows and productivity and increase scalability. Contact us today.