Sage Data and Analytics


Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) automates and simplifies the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing data from Sage X3 and combining it with data from other applications and data sources.

A standardized approach, automation, out-of-the-box capabilities and deep integration to Sage X3 reduces the technical effort of managing data and extracting accurate insight. Unlike other Business Intelligence tools, there is no need for manually built, proprietary data warehouses.

Sage Data & Analytics has a pre-set, highly customizable Sage X3 data model, data connectors and role-based analytics. This makes it rapid to deploy and easier to administer and maintain, with faster time to value, less risk and a lower TCO.

Benefits for Your Industry

Sage Data and Analytics is fully supported, easily customized and ready to deploy. It immediately starts working to simplify the collection, management and optimization of data.

Data automation removes the need for manually built, proprietary data warehouses that are expensive to maintain.

Available as a cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment, Sage Data and Analytics is a highly scalable platform that meets the increasing demands as a business, its data, data sources and the Sage X3 application grows. 

Automated data integration combines and organizes data from multiple applications and data sources with Sage X3 data and optimizes it for analysis.

Data governance controls, rich multi-level security and user-friendly administration tools ensures data integrity and security.

Get accurate, relevant information delivered inside or outside the Sage X3 UI. Business performance is measured through role-based dashboards across all functions, from finance, distribution and manufacturing, to sales and services.

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