Sage Enterprise Management (formally Sage X3) – achieves 177% return on investment

Sage Enterprise Management add-ons

NexTec has developed over two dozen proprietary enhancements for Sage X3. Some of our most requested services are:

ACH Payments

Pay business partners by transmitting payment information directly to the bank, reducing time and risk.

AFS TradePro

Increase forecasting accuracy through discount budgeting & planning, trade reconciliation, managed trade spending, deduction management, and more.

Allocation Module

Lower shipping costs and increase efficiency using product availability and “ship to” data to determine the closest warehouse to ship from.

Automatic Data Collection

Reduce human error and data acquisition costs by leveraging real-time and automatic data collection with bar-code scanning or embedded RFID tags.


Reduce inspection preparation time to zero with automated CAPA. Satisfies FDA
requirements and provides the operational foundation to manage risk, reduce costs, and grow profits.

Certificate of Analysis

Compare technical sheets against pre-receiving product samples, speeding the receiving process and ensuring quality standards are met. Prevent receiving of unapproved lots.

Commissions Workbench

Pay commissions on paid invoices only, edit the actual commission amount, select individual invoices for payment, create supplier invoices, and automate generation of comprehensive commission reports.

Consumer Issue Management

Track, monitor and resolve direct-customer and end-customer issues.

Customer Ranking Utility

Extend the marketing and CRM engine to score customers based on RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) order data. Use data to establish CRM campaign targets.

EDM Lite

Simplify attachment printing by defining which attachments will print with Work Order packets and other documents.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Improve data integration with suppliers and customers via FTP/AS2, Value Added Network (VAN) and other data transport methods.

Enhanced Certification Expiring Tracking

Track expiration dates for certifications such as sales tax exemptions, USDA certifications, and subcontractor credentials.

Grower Accounting

Control construction of sales transactions, selling and then accounting for product sold as a means to pay the grower for the material sold by utilizing pool contracts.

Sticky Notes

Create, organize, and recall “sticky notes” that can be associated with specific business partners or objects.

Point of Sale

Use these solutions to accommodate counter sales, mobile sales or full Point of Sale
system integration.

Product Recall Management

Streamline and automate product recall activities including identification, notification, tracking, and reporting with this fully FDA- and SQF-compliant solution.


Improve production process and lower warehouse management costs by tracking rack products from ingredients to shelf with RFID tagging.

Sage X3 Utilities

Improve management of document transmittals, certification expiry tracking, track multiple currencies, mass invoice reversal, tracked shipment auto-posting, sales commission, accrual reconciliation, and supplier lot record modification.

Scan & Pack Module

Scan products at packing stations to verify shipment accuracy and create package records with UCC 128 labeling and ASN support.

Smart Supplier Lot Modification

Correct mistakes in supplier lot data and have that correction update entries throughout your Sage X3 system.

Starship Integration

Streamline and simplify the entire shipping process, boosting accuracy and efficiency.