Solving shipping's biggest headaches

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February 9, 2017
Is shipping giving you a headache? Don't worry, we've got the cure!

Is shipping giving you a headache? Don’t worry, we’ve got the cure!

Business stakeholders know all too well the headaches involved with shipping. There are so many components and fine details needed to ensure that shipping runs smoothly, it can be one of the biggest headaches of running a business. Businesses need to rely on Transportation Management Systems technology that can help to cure the toughest shipping headaches and streamline the shipping process. StarShip with Sage X3 from NexTec will enable you to tackle your toughest shipping headaches with ease.

Duplicate data entry is clogging up your system

Shipping entails endless data entry. When entering data between separate ERP software and shipping software, there is not only high potential for error, but there is a constant risk of creating duplicate data sets, which can lead to bigger mistakes later on. NexTec’s shipping solutions software integrates seamlessly with your ERP, so data is automatically transferred between the software applications, eliminating duplicate data sets.

Assessing the true costs of shipping

The true cost of shipping is greater than the UPS or FedEx estimate, as you need to factor in the rate of returns, lost or damaged packages, the cost of shipping supplies, and the time spent managing claims. With all of these variables, it’s challenging to get an accurate estimate of shipping costs. With NexTec’s TMS software, you can compile all relevant data pertaining to shipping, packaging materials, and average rates of returns, enabling you to access the most accurate shipment costs available. Further, advanced insurance options from StarShip may offer significant savings from insurance offered by FedEx or UPS.

The right software improves accuracy and efficiency, so shipping is a seamless process.

The right software improves accuracy and efficiency, so shipping is a seamless process.

Managing the volume and scale of shipments

In order to keep shipping costs at a minimum, it’s imperative to manage volume and scaling as strategically as possible. According to CEO and Startup Advisor, Seth Talbott, the key to this rests in management and analysis.

Assess your current shipping processes and plan for strategic improvements that will continue to scale back spending. With NexTec’s shipping solution software, you can streamline inventory and shipping management, enabling you to better optimize shipments to improve cost-effectiveness.

Shipping is a challenge for any business. From managing returns efficiently to retaining clean and accurate data and records, it seems there is a constant headache associated with managing shipments.

StarShip with Sage X3 from NexTec can cure your shipping headaches once and for all by enabling you to seamlessly integrate your shipping and ERP software, while significantly improving your workflow and accuracy.

Managing international orders and returns

Perhaps the greatest challenge in shipping is managing international orders and returns. Not only does it entail higher expenses, but there are often certifications required for the customs processing. Andrew Thomas, from SkyBell Doorbell, recommends building a strong return merchandise authorization (RMA) process first, so you have a strategy in place for conquering returns efficiently. Since shipping costs will vary by destination, it helps to have an integrated software solution as well. With NexTec’s shipping solutions, you’ll be able to gain immediate access to all list rates and delivery dates, so you can always choose the ideal shipping method for each package.

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