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Buyer’s Guide to Manufacturing ERP Software

8 Questions to Help You Find the right System for your Business

manufacturing ERP software

Learn what features are available in manufacturing ERP software, the different deployment options you can choose from, how to start the manufacturing software selection process and what questions you should ask an ERP vendor.

Everything you need to get started with manufacturing ERP.

  • Answers to 8 critical ERP questions
  • In-depth look at manufacturing software and the benefits
  • Comparison of other types of solutions for manufacturers
  • How to conduct a business process review to determine ERP project goals
  • Tips for comparing software vendors

Think it’s time to upgrade from QuickBooks? Look no further.

Your business is growing, and QuickBooks or other legacy solutions aren’t cutting it anymore. You know it’s time to upgrade to a new business management system, but where do you start? Selecting new business software is a big deal, and the more you know the easier it will be to make the right choice.

Selecting the best software for your business requires a thorough understanding of your business needs. Are you currently using separate solutions for accounting, quality control or supply management? With ERP software for manufacturing, all your company’s critical business processes – including inventory management, warehousing, distribution and more – are brought together in a single cohesive system.

We created this guide to help answer 8 critical questions we hear from our customers when selecting manufacturing software. We worked with ERP implementation experts to help you get a better understanding of what the ERP selection process looks like and the kinds of questions you should ask both internally and when evaluating the right ERP software vendor.

In our old system, it was nearly impossible to identify our margin by product. Now, we have that data instantly available and we’re confident in the accuracy of the numbers.”

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