Learn how ERP, CRM and BI software can address your unique industry challenges.


Learn about our ERP, CRM and BI software can address your unique industry challenges.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food and Beverage

Manufacturers of perishables products require software functionality that tracks expiration dates, ensures compliance and reduces production waste. Learn how software built for the industry can help your food and beverage company streamline operations and manage growth.


Cannabis and Hemp

As market demand increases and regulations continue to change, cannabis processors, cultivators and manufacturers require software functionality that not only handles tracking of seed-to-sale activities but encompasses a business’ entire operations and ensures compliance.

Industry - Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Supplies and Devices

Tracking warranties, managing suppliers and approved vendors, and operating efficiently while remaining compliant is difficult without the right software solution in place. Learn how leading medical device manufacturers streamline processes, reduce lead time and manage costs with modern software.



Gain real-time visibility into your operations with software built specifically for manufacturing. Streamline operations, automate labor-intensive processes like inventory management and workflows, and grow your revenues by choosing a solution designed for your business.


Distribution and Supply Chain

As a distributor, you’re likely dealing with increased customer expectations, a complex network of suppliers and growing competition. To stay ahead, distribution businesses must rely on a robust and flexible system that manages finance, operations, supply chain, distribution and more in one system.

Industry - Construction


Whether you’re a general contractor, homebuilder, subcontractor or land developer, your clients have high expectations. A flexible, robust software system gives companies control and visibility into their construction projects, finances, supplier relationships and operations.

Industry - Professional Services

Professional Services

Success as a professional services firm depends on the ability to take control of complex projects, assign the right people to do the right job and keep costs under control. Software built for the industry gives companies the tools they need to exceed customer expectations and grow their businesses.



Many growers rely on outdated tools like spreadsheets and legacy systems to run their operations. Succeeding in today’s competitive agriculture environment requires software solutions that streamline operations, optimize processes and make business data accessible from anywhere at any time.



Trying to stay competitive while complying with the FDA and other rules and regulations is extremely difficult. With software for the pharmaceutical industry, you can streamline manufacturing, manage batch recipes, meet compliance regulations and improve R&D efficiency.

Industry - Chemical


Successful chemical manufacturers continuously reduce operating costs while ensuring traceability and regulatory compliance. With software for the chemical industry, you can manage formulas and recipes, track products from receipt to finish good and monitor quality controls.

Industry - Oilfield Services

Oilfield Services

Operating in a complex regulatory environment rife with competition, demanding customers and calls for transparency is incredibly difficult. Software for the industry helps oilfield services firms make faster business decisions, manage complex projects and increase profits and margins.

Solutions for All Your Business Needs

Growing businesses need the right tools to manage operational complexities and costly inefficiencies. Learn how NexTec can help you find a solution for your company’s unique needs.

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