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medical devices manufacturing business

Are you finding it difficult tracking warranties, managing suppliers and approved vendors, and operating efficiently with targeted profit margins — all while meeting the same FDA compliance guidelines set for pharmaceutical and life science companies?

The highly competitive and highly-regulated environment of the medical device industry poses unique challenges for manufacturers. The ability to remain competitive — while meeting strict FDA regulations and quality assurance standards, as well as managing long product development cycles — depends on cutting costs, streamlining operations and reducing waste.

Rigorous industry demands such as complex traceability requirements, along with long time-to-market progression and a changing industry climate, introduce new business risks. To remain nimble and take advantage of the tremendous market opportunity presented due to an aging population, medical device manufacturers must find ways to automate processes and optimize every step.

NexTec and Sage X3 (Enterprise Management) has the answer.

Benefits for the medical device
manufacturing industry

Streamline your processes

  • Improve demand planning, sales and manufacturing interactions
  • Streamline the purchase order process
  • Track every action across all functions
  • Optimize performance with automated data collection, real-time business intelligence, multiple manufacturing mode support and advance workflows

Make your tracking seamless

  • Track the history of devices
  • Automating labor-intensive tasks such as end-to-end product documentation and report writing makes tasks such as filing reports and tracking more manageable
  • Easily have a full audit trail and historical transactions over multiple years

Control the supply chain

  • Reduce your finished-goods lead time
  • Take better control of your inventory, warehouse management and subcontractor operations
  • Automatic integration of work orders, shelf-life management, and product delivery tracking
  • Prevent production shortfalls in raw materials and problems like insufficient machine capacity, overstocking, or tying up valuable working capital

Reduce costs at all levels

  • Help cut costs by streamlining operations and waste elimination, reducing overtime-pay and increasing efficiencies
  • Implement lean business strategies with ease, improve product lead times and simplify workflows

Reduce the risk of device recall

  • Implement systemic root cause analysis and implement Corrective Action/Preventive Action (CAPA) processes to decrease patient risk
  • Complete traceability with serial and lot tracking and transaction audit capabilities
  • Ensure you have the ability to recall products and quarantine suspect products quickly
  • Streamlined tracking systems can be fully configured to match your company’s needs and immediately alert affected departments, such as procurement, QA, production, and sales

Manage local and global compliance demands

  • Mitigate risks associated with ever-changing regulations with specific medical-device industry modules that address FDA and CFR requirements, track non-conforming products and allow you to conduct risk assessments upfront
  • Track your products through the entire lifecycle, from R&D and design to sale and post-sale support and service — and instantly get the history of any lot or serial number

Main high customer satisfaction and improve sales

  • Sales force, customer service agents, product and warehouse managers all have access to the same information in real-time information to respond to customer inquiries quickly
  • Instant visibility into purchasing history, stock levels, and promotions, provides front-line teams the ability to expedite order processing, invoicing and product deliveries to improve customer communication and satisfaction

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