Oilfield Services

Oilfield Services

Today’s oilfield services firms operate in a complex regulatory landscape rife with competition, demanding capital investors with high expectations and demands for complete transparency throughout the value chain. To address this, you need complete control over finances, operations and more. With the help of integrated software, oilfield services businesses can manage costs, optimize human resources, meet profit margins and mitigate compliance challenges.

Features for the Oilfield Services Industry

Oilfield Industry Software in Action

Benoit Inc

Benoit selected NexTec Group and Acumatica as its secure and accessible cloud-based business management solution capable of uniting all business processes.

Key Success Factors

Cloud ERP

As the workforce shifts towards virtual teams and digital processes, Cloud solutions help ensure business continuity, productivity and resiliency.

Key Software


A leading innovator in Cloud ERP for mid-sized businesses, Acumatica has been taking the world by storm and winning awards for customer satisfaction and usability.

Beginner's Guide to ERP:
Field Services

Learn which features and functionality to look for in an ERP and how to go about choosing the right solution for your oilfield services business.”

Solutions for All Your Business Needs

Growing businesses need the right tools to manage operational complexities and costly inefficiencies. Learn how NexTec can help you find a solution for your company’s unique needs.

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