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We're here to help... or buy you a drink

We’re here to help… or buy you a drink

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Why NexTec?

  • We’ve been around for over 20 years — not many software consulting firms can say that
  • We’re nationwide — from sea to shining sea, we’ll work where you are
  • We’ve worked on both sides of the table — as employees in the industry and as consultants
  • Our consultants are very experienced — an average of 25 years in both consulting and industry
  • We have the biggest, most experienced Sage X3 team in the industry- – implementing Sage X3 since the ERP software’s inception
  • We provide clear information — that helps you make informed buying decisions
  • We stand by you — to make sure the technology works, is used, and produces great results
  • 95% of our clients are still with us — why not you?