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NexTec’s food and agriculture experts have partnered with leading Cannabis industry experts to develop software that runs your Cannabis business. It’s a complete software system that tracks your operations, from seed to sale, with all the compliance needs handled along the way.

It’s integrated with various state tracking systems and provides regulatory agencies with the data they need, all without your intervention. Plant movement and harvest data collected by the system are formatted and electronically forwarded without time consuming paperwork or clerical error. The software also handles major grow and processing tasks like tracking strains, grow rooms and yield.

After processing is complete, the financial package gives you the data you need to analyze your costs and revenues to keep your margins healthy. Built-in dashboards and reports provide real-time operational insights, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to make decisions.

Complete seed-to-sale software
to run your CannaBusiness

Strong software

A proven ERP platform that tracks 280E data

Seamless compliance

Manages complicated legal mandates

Occupational intelligence

For horticulturalists and the lab

Rapid implementation

Tailored for the cannabis industry

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NexTec helps Cannabis companies improve inventory management, reduce processing errors, achieve accurate forecasting, and increase profitability. We provide operations, distribution, accounting, business intelligence and customer relationship software that works the way your business does. Through manpower, mindshare and business expertise, NexTec delivers.

Get in touch today and discover how NexTec can help your CannaBusiness profit and grow.