Cannabis and Hemp

Cannabis and Hemp

CannaBusiness ERP is software built to help cannabis cultivators, processors and manufacturers grow. It is purpose-built for the cannabis industry and includes the features and functionality needed to help businesses manage finances and operations, seed-to-sale, compliance, quality, traceability and more. CannaBusiness ERP is built on the Sage X3 platform and delivered by NexTec’s cannabis and technology experts.

CannaBusiness ERP

Features for the Cannabis Industry

Financial and Operational Management
  1. One system to manage finance AND operations
  2. Multi-operations, company, legislation, currency and intercompany
  3. Track key data/metrics (strain, costs, human resources and processes)
  4. Provides dashboards, issue alerts and audit reports
Governance and Compliance
  1. Supports US State/Health Canada compliance tracking
  2. Supports compliance with the Canadian Cannabis Act and global regulations
  3. Scalable and comprehensive materials tracking
Seed-to-Sale Traceability
  1. Manage grow activities and maximize field resources
  2. Track plants (forward and backward)
  3. Schedule production for continuous grow operations
  4. RFID/barcoding reduces manual entry
Supply Chain Management
  1. Manage the supply chain, including global warehousing and logistics
  2. Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) for inventory
  3. Forecast demand based on current sales and conduct future modeling
  4. Integrate with leading Dispensary POS systems
Quality Control and Recall Management
  1. Ensure quality controls are in place and monitored
  2. Conduct real or mock product recalls in minutes
  3. Automate Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA)
  4. Track actuals vs expected production (strain profile)
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Need Advice from a Cannabis Expert?

NexTec helps cannabis cultivators, processors and manufacturers improve inventory management, ensure compliance and increase profitability. We provide cannabis-specific software functionality and deep industry knowledge to help take your business to the next level.

Get in touch today and discover how CannaBusiness ERP can help your business grow.

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