Cloud ERP and Computing

Cloud ERP and Computing

With Cloud ERP, users can manage their businesses, review customer interactions and run critical business reports from any web-enabled device anywhere at any time. As the workforce shifts towards virtual teams and digital processes, Cloud solutions help ensure business continuity, productivity and resiliency.

How it Works

  • Users access their business-critical applications via remote data centers on the internet
  • Small and medium-size businesses get access to full-function applications at a reasonable price
  • Companies rapidly scale their business productivity software as their business grows or a new company is added
Benefits - Cloud and Mobile

NexTec helps DAS Medical increase efficiency and cust reporting time by 50% with Cloud ERP

“We knew we wanted a Cloud ERP,” says Houston Lee, CFO for DAS Medical. “We’re a small and growing company with multiple locations and without a dedicated IT staff. So, having a hosted ERP solution is ideal.”

DAS Medical - Customer Story

Features of Cloud ERP Software

Benefits - Data Security

Reduce Costs

Avoid standard upfront costs such as hardware or data servers and reduce IT services.

Benefits - Suppliers

Anywhere Access

Support work-from-anywhere scenarios for employees, enabling efficiency and business continuity.

Benefits - Collaboration

Increase Collaboration

Keep lines of communication open so information can be exchanged between staff at the office and out in the field.

By bringing all of our business processes into a single system of record we can eliminate duplicate data entry tasks and ensure that all our teams are working with the most accurate, current information.
Keith Wolf
President, Omni Cart Services

Solutions for All Your Business Needs

Growing businesses need the right tools to manage operational complexities and costly inefficiencies. Learn how NexTec can help you find a solution for your company’s unique needs.

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