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Are you finding it more difficult to improve operational efficiencies and profits while trying to be transparent and complying with regulations?

For companies in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other life science industries, there’s increased pressure for maintaining competitiveness while complying with FDA and other regulations. Thinning pipelines, skyrocketing costs and greater government oversight are among the many factors that are creating unprecedented challenges.

Succeeding in this environment requires streamlined operations; an integration of practices across all business functions; and real-time, comprehensive visibility into every aspect of each process. Your company needs to stay nimble and quickly adapt to the changing business environment.

NexTec and Sage X3 (Enterprise Management) has the answer.

Inventory control

Benefits for the pharmaceutical and nurtraceutical
manufacturing industry

Streamline pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Process-specific functionality, as well as granular, multi-level controls, provide complete tracking of formula management, weight calculations, and potency management
  • Integrate all stages of the manufacturing life cycle, including costing, capacity planning, and product packaging

Improve R&D efficiency

  • Accelerate product development by eliminating time-consuming tasks like maintaining formulas through various systems
  • Free up your R&D team to dedicate more time to formulate not manually managing complex functions like quality control

Meet quality control demands

  • Complete routine quality assurance tasks more accurately as pharmaceutical materials undergo quality screenings and tests
  • Increase the speed of your inbound and outbound materials resulting in a faster turnaround
  • Rigorously enforce inspections through a fully integrated quality-control process and eliminate costly mistakes

Efficiently manage batch recipes

  • Meet the strict documentation requirements for batch recipe management, like ingredient and preparation cost, historical ingredient data such as source, preparation, storage and processing methods, and manufacturing and shipping data

Meet customer commitments through better planning

  • Optimize inventory levels and procurement of materials, to minimize carrying costs and better respond to customer demands
  • With a detailed supply and demand analysis, improve forecasting to more efficiently plan your production and scheduling

Control inventory in real-time

  • Control your production flow more efficiently and with increased accuracy. Automate and simplify inventory procedures and increase inventory turn rates and order fill rates
  • Take control not only of stock but also non-stock and direct ship items

Meet FDA and pharma compliance regulations

  • Eliminate the labor-intensive, manual procedures of compliance to increase efficiency and avoid errors
  • Ensure you meet all FDA and global regulatory agency requirements for product development and commercialization while auditing and tracking all production transactions through the entire product cycle

Scale for increased production

  • As you scale and add more product lines, SKUs and new locations, minimize any disruption to operations.
  • Manage equipment and resources availability and experience no downtime as you grow or change operations in response to the evolving demands of the market

Meet strict traceability requirements

  • Minimize the risks and recall size with complete forward and backward lot traceability.
  • Respond quickly to an internal, supplier or customer defect and retrieve pedigree information rapidly to understand the scope of the affected drug recall
  • Improve data integrity by connecting all the links in the supply chain
  • Ensure every recalled item is removed from the shelves quickly to minimize the loss of customer confidence
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