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For companies in the agricultural industry, there’s an increased level of complexity when it comes to managing the business and actually growing the company. Real-time visibility into everything from production and shipping to financials and regulatory compliance is becoming more critical. Yet many growers are still using outdated tools like spreadsheets and disparate systems that are making various business processes labor-intensive and cumbersome.

Succeeding in today’s competitive environment requires streamlined operations, integrated management systems and access to information anytime, anywhere — whether you’re in the field, at the warehouse or on the go.

Benefits for the agriculture industry

Manage your entire farm operation

  • Manage all aspects of growing operations, including purchasing, harvest details and attributes and pre-planning through post-harvest cleanup and reporting
  • Track crop estimates, monitor maturity dates, check historical records of crops grown on the land, and manage pricing from the same integrated platform

Accurately manage SKUs

  • Perform harvesting, packing, and inventory activities at one time
  • Generate SKU counts directly in the field while crops are packaged, including those with variable-size packaging requirements
  • Automatically generate an accurate inventory list and manage it through delivery to grocery stores and other customers

Increase quality control

  • Eliminate manual labor-intensive and complicated paper-based food safety measures and traceability
  • Combine data capture, monitoring, and reporting, to make product recall procedures more efficient
  • Improve overall productivity and reduce the risk of errors and noncompliance

Streamline regulatory compliance

  • Institute sophisticated record keeping as the government introduces new requirements, such as the Produce Traceability Initiative
  • Integrate compliance with automated tools that include traceability back to field quality records and lot pack dates, and save hours in labor in the event of a product recall

Adhere to export requirements

  • Comply with a host of quality requirements and certifications and keep detailed records for exporting goods and materials
  • Record up-to-the-minute activity in real-time with a great level of detail to easily generate compliance and auditing reports based on each country’s regulations

Improve inventory processes

  • Automate functions such as expiration date tracking and block expired lots from accidentally shipping
  • Track inventory based on first-in-first-out and first-expiry-first-out, to optimize your inventory selection and shipping process

Optimize planning and scheduling

  • Record stocks of inputs like seeds and fertilizer, schedule out human resources and machinery, record cultivation best practices and analyze results to repeat successes
Available now: NexTec's 2020 Agriculture Industry Study

2020 Agricultural Industry Study

In our study, we set out to answer questions related to areas of importance to agribusinesses, including:

  • What are the major challenges facing the industry?
  • What are their most pressing business management issues?
  • What technology are growers using to address these challenges and what are they planning for in the future?

Download our study to see what we learned.

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