Integrations with Other Applications

Integrations with Other Applications

To create the best possible software solution for a specific business’ needs, integrated solutions from trusted technology partners are critical. The ability to extend software with applications from preferred partners allows companies to personalize their software to fit their unique operational processes.

How it Works

  • Open API combined with minimal developer effort produces easy communication and integration with other software programs including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and eCommerce
  • Share data across systems to improve productivity and eliminate data silos
  • Access real-time data from across all systems in one central location for better decision making
Benefits - Compliance and Regulations

Acumatica to Salesforce Connector

Learn how Salesforce CRM and Acumatica work together to keep sales, service and the rest of your business up-to-date with real-time data.

Salesforce to Acumatica Connector

Features of Software Integration

Benefits - Production and Operations

Future-Proofed Operations

Adaptable, open architecture allows businesses to modernize their systems, increasing business resiliency and continuity.

Benefits - Stock

Best-in-Class Functionality

Implement applications based on the unique needs of your business for a more personalized approach to business management software.

Feature - Multi-Company

Complete Scalability

Add applications and other software systems as your company grows to handle increasing workloads and to adapt operations to changing needs and demands.

Solutions for All Your Business Needs

Growing businesses need the right tools to manage operational complexities and costly inefficiencies. Learn how NexTec can help you find a solution for your company’s unique needs.

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