Traceability and Product Recall

Traceability and Product Recall

Having the ability to trace products back and forth through the supply chain helps ensure compliance and mitigate the risk of a recall. If a recall should occur, integrated software tracks product at the lot and serial level and can help execute a full recall in minutes.

How it Works

  • Designate a recall based on a customer complaint and log all accompanying information so critical recall data is accessible to employees and auditors
  • Quickly establish which products may be contaminated, how many were produced and where those products were shipped
  • Generate notification letters to distributors and retailers and create detailed paper trails for compliance purposes
Benefits - Traceability

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Features of Product Recall and Traceability Software

Benefits - Compliance

Full Traceability

Maximize quality control by tracking products, materials and ingredients throughout the supply chain.

Effective Mock Recalls

Perform mock recalls to comply with large-scale customer requirements and to test the effectiveness of traceability processes.

Pharmaceuticals Operations

Comprehensive Product Holds

Prevent suspect items from being allocated to a job, invoiced or shipped until an investigation is complete.

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