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As one of the most-regulated industries, chemical manufacturing faces unique challenges. The success of chemical manufacturers and distributors depends on the ability to continuously reduce operating costs and improve delivery management — while at the same time ensuring traceability and adherence to regulations.
The fluid nature of the industry requires companies to be nimble and flexible while scaling your production to fluctuating markets and managing skyrocketing costs. It’s essential to ensure that processes and systems don’t operate in silos and that every aspect of operations, from supply chain to customer service, is integrated and optimized.

NexTec and Sage X3 (Enterprise Management) has the answer.

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Benefits for the chemical manufacturing industry

Complete formula and recipe management

  • Manage infinite-level formulas, including ingredients and intermediates used in multiple products
  • Batches can be scaled based on defined sizes while each product can include global and facility-specific formulas
  • Rapidly access and make changes en masse to all products through specific ingredients, intermediaries, and nested formulas.

Enhanced tracking

  • Accurately track all products in transit through warehouse arrival, with complete forward and backward traceability, from manufacturing processes and ingredients to finished goods, and in reverse
  • Manage broker fees for international shipments, ocean freight, terminal handling fees and Certificates of Analysis

Quality control

  • Ensure consistent product quality between runs and enact precise tracking of product quality, shelf life, and expiration dates to meet compliance and customer requirements
  • Automatically identify and initiate corrective action on products that require inspections or fail QC

Efficient compliance process

  • Easily monitor and audit quality controls and stay compliant with FDA, OSHA and other government regulations
  • Simplify report generation from ingredients and components to finished products, with historical transactions going back multiple years

Process-specific functionality

  • Ensure complex, multi-level controls are in place for formula tracking system, unit of measure conversions, materials planning, shelf-life management and product packaging

Innovative R&D

  • Improve R&D’s ability to innovate and develop new products and respond to customer and regulator demands to deliver greener products
  • Provide the ability to automatically reformulate with greener substitutes while considering targeted costs and physical property values

Reduced risks and errors

  • Provide safer working conditions, reduce accidents, and lower the risk of working with chemicals
  • Associate HMIS and WHMIS values with formulas and automatically generate safety data sheets for multiple levels, from formulas and batches to sales orders

“When we learned about their approach, project management, product and industry knowledge, and commitment to their customers, we were convinced NexTec was the right partner for us.”

Carlos Jofre Jr., Executive Director of IT, TissueTech

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