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    • “NexTec not only has a deep understanding of the software they implement, but they also are knowledgeable about supplemental solutions that can integrate with other products to serve their customers.”

      Michelle Fortich

      Senior Accounting Manager, Inc.

    Recipe for Success

    Ask yourself a question. How do I manage the workflow of my business? Do you use multiple software platforms? Have a series of painstaking manual methods? Keep file, after file, after file of paper records? If so, then we have one question for you. Why? We know there are many challenges to running a successful enterprise in the food and beverage industry. Between government regulations, perishable products, shipping and ever changing customer demands, we know it can feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions. How do we know? Because we've been there. Our staff includes food and beverage industry leaders who know your business inside and out. Combined with our vast knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting solutions, we can tailor an intuitive system that is customized to what you need. Thrive with us.