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There are many challenges in the oil and gas industry; with strict government regulations and demanding capital investors, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Complete transparency is necessary as you manage a diverse workforce and complex projects. If your organization is being bogged down by manual data entry, your success will be hindered and your profitability at risk. As the oil industry continues to develop and opportunities to grow your business arise, you need efficient processes in place to remain competitive. Now is the time to remove the obstacles that interfere with your productivity and make sure that your business has the tools it needs to prosper.

Oil and Gas Services Software Solutions that Automate your Business

NexTec Groups is dedicated to understanding the challenges that your oil and gas company faces. We work to match your business with comprehensive software solutions that increase productivity throughout your organization. Manage costs, track compliance regulations and optimize human resources tools with oil and gas software from NexTec. We understand the value that a business technology solution brings to your organization and work to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

NextTec Group offers tailored solutions for:

Oil and gas accounting software from NexTec Group provides your business with:

  • Extensive document management - Strive for a paperless work environment by capturing all pertinent information in a centralized database
  • Automated processes – Reduce the need to spend time on redundant administrative tasks
  • Optimized efficiency – Gain insight into project status, so you know where your attention is needed most to complete projects within the estimated timelines
  • Improved strategic planning – Effectively track project responsibilities for better use of human capital
  • Advanced financial visibility – Mitigate risks by knowing the ROI of current and estimated projects
  • Regulatory tracking – Keep records of existing and new government compliance requirements
  • Emerging trends monitoring – Enhanced forecasting and business intelligence capabilities allow for improved foresight and aid in future planning
  • Increased accountability – Secure confidence from stakeholders by meeting capital investment requirements for transparency

Find out how NexTec Group was able to help MODEC International achieve operational efficiency, saving the equivalent of 10 labor days each month on accounting functions. By having NexTec Group implement specialized oil and gas software MODEC was able to grow their bottom line by $1 million dollars per year.

NexTec Group Provides Successful Platform For MODEC International

NexTec Group Provides Successful Platform For MODEC International

For more than 30 years, MODEC International, LLC has been a pioneer and a world leader in the oil and gas exploration industry. MODEC is a turnkey supplier of floating storage and offloading vessels, tension leg platforms and production semi-submersibles for the offshore oil and gas industry. The company also provides complete design, engineering, installation, and operations from its offices in Houston, Tokyo, Singapore, and Rio de Janeiro.

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We know that your business encounters many obstacles every quarter, and we strive to deliver solutions that diminish the risks these challenges pose. With extensive industry experience, NexTec Group ensures that you will receive the best fit software solution that meets your expectations. Through mindshare, manpower and business expertise, NexTec provides you with customized software solutions that boost your bottom line.

  • "The Microsoft Business Partner we had at the time didn't have the resources to guide us through our next phase of growth," Flavin continues. "We selected NexTec Group to help us because they have the knowledge, the personnel, and the capacity to serve our growing organization, here in Houston, and in each of our international offices."

    Ed Flavin

    MODEC International LLC

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NexTec Group helps businesses like yours implement oil and gas accounting solutions that track resources, simplify payroll and automate invoicing. We make sure that our software is the right fit for your unique operating environment and strive to deliver cost-effective solutions. With oil and gas ERP software, NexTec Group brings your business to the next level of efficiency.

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With over 20 years of experience, NexTec Group provides oil and gas companies with dependable software solutions that optimize operations. Our team of qualified professionals is readily available to assist with any questions that arise. With a national presence and local resources, NexTec is always within reach.

As a complete business partner, we know more than technology; we know business.

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