Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Your Business Is Missing Out On Key Opportunities

NexTec Group is dedicated to your success; we know how important customer service management is in any organization, which is why we’ve chosen to offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management). Your customers are your most valuable resource. In an increasingly competitive environment, if you don’t create meaningful, timely and relevant interactions with your customers, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

With a familiar interface that works like other Microsoft products, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to use and provides your business with integrated sales, marketing and customer service capabilities to boost your client and prospect relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you:

  • Effectively manage leads, appointments and tasks to close deals faster and shorten the sales cycle
  • Forecast sales with pipeline management, comprehensive historical data and detailed analytics
  • Consolidate data for easy access during communications
  • Gain insight into your operations with advanced business intelligence and reporting capabilities
  • Access customer information in real-time
  • Tailor the dashboard to filter role-tailored information with extensive customization options
  • Personalize and segment messaging through marketing automation and management capabilities
  • Provide efficient customer service to build valuable relationships

NexTec Group Implements Meaningful Dynamics CRM Platforms

Customer relationship management software is no longer an option in business; it’s an operational requirement. Dynamics CRM is a customizable, easy to use solution that streamlines customer relations and enables your business to communicate more effectively with personalized, targeted messaging and best in class customer service. NexTec Group has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses meet their customer relationship needs. With a knowledgeable team of accredited professionals, we’re here to provide realistic, proactive solutions to help your business exceed customer expectations.

  • "NexTec Group was the main reason behind our decision to choose Microsoft Dynamics. They understood our business and approached the project as a problem-solving mission, not as a software selling mission."

    Pamela Olson

    Manager of Finance and Administration The Magellan Group, Ltd

We work with your business to implement your MS CRM solution on time and on budget, providing maximum value. Your customers are your biggest asset; NexTec Group has the expertise to provide a customer relationship management solution that will allow you to foster these important relationships. With business and technology experience, we are a complete service provider with your business’ best interest at heart.

NexTec - Downtown Seattle Association CRM Case Study

NexTec - Downtown Seattle Association CRM Case Study

The Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) was facing serious challenges from inefficiencies in managing its constituent records and communications across its three divisions. DSA provides services and communications to thousands of constituents, drawing upon a database which is comprised of individuals, businesses and buildings. Each division in the organization was operating independently with vital information spread across disparate database systems and spreadsheets. This made it extremely difficult to manage and track the relationships, revenues and profiles of its constituents. The lack of integration between its existing systems, SugarCRM, Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks and MailChimp, caused the DSA great concern. Accessing or transferring information between systems was done manually and resulted in extensive duplicate entry. Accomplishing tasks was time-consuming and subject to human error and inaccurate data. DSA was looking for an easy-touse database management solution that would consolidate and track information across its divisions, automate manual processes, improve communications and eliminate redundant data entry. Learn more about the benefits and success of our implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Downtown Seattle Association by downloading our case study.

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