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NexTec Group Provides Successful Platform For MODEC International

Competition is fierce; between cash flow challenges and the expense of lost time and parts, your oil and gas services business can’t sustain such a high administrative burden while remaining profitable. You need job cost software that captures labor costs, eliminates manual processes, and manages tasks & billing on a per-project basis. You need a solution provider who knows your oil and gas services industry.

Job cost software from NexTec Group helps your business.

  • Industry specific forecasting, budgeting and planning solutions
  • An experienced, certified team of world-class professionals
  • Expertise and industry knowledge to increase profitability and reduce costs

NexTec Group specializes in providing job cost software solutions that are robust, affordable, and tailored to your oil and gas services business needs.

Million Dollar Return On Investment

See how NexTec helped MODEC International, supplier for the offshore oil and gas industry, save ten labor days per month and increase revenue by 20% per annum for five years running.

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