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In distribution, there is no shortage of risks to your bottom line. Stale inventory, redundant administration, and a lack of integrated processes and visibility lead to heavy overhead and costly errors. Customer satisfaction is highly predicated on meeting needs timely and cost effectively, but your ability to do so is being impacted by the increase in global competition. All of these things stifle business growth, yet they are issues which continually plague distributors. It’s time your tried something different.

Flexible, Robust Solutions for your Unique Distribution Business Challenges

At NexTec Group we believe that there is a solution for every problem, and finding that solution for our clients is where we shine. With an extensive background in both distribution and management software, we offer clients just what they need to improve accounting functions, budgeting, inventory management, forecasting and more. Our distribution software solutions enable your business to deliver on time on budget value to your operation.

NexTec Group provides distribution management software that will:

  • Enhance efficiency – Automated price calculation allows for prompt order processing
  • Fine-tune operations - Improve picking and shipping paths for faster turnaround
  • Increase visibility – Leverage business intelligence (BI) functionality to gain insight into what processes are working and which ones need to be evaluated
  • Improve decision making – Advanced forecasting identifies trends and patterns in purchasing behavior so you know what kind of inventory to stock at the most opportune times
  • Refine inventory management – Accurately track product stock levels with Barcoding and RFID/EDI tags to ensure that you avoid dead stock and your inventory remains saleable
  • Quickly resolve customer service issues – Full integration of all data processing systems results in easier navigation of complete customer information

To see firsthand how we put our experience to work, read about how we helped the Magellan Group increase their order processing efficiency by 80% with a successful distribution management software implementation.

Shipping Solutions - StarShip Integration with Sage ERP X3

Shipping Solutions - StarShip Integration with Sage ERP X3

StarShip integration with Sage ERP X3 eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and the inevitable mistakes that go with it. Simply scan the order/shipment number into StarShip and all the relevant data populates the screen. No need to re-enter the shipment address, phone number, list of products, carrier or shipping method. It’s an easy, intuitive flow that supports and streamlines your organization’s existing practices.

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NexTec Group is invested in the success and profitability of your distribution business, and put reliability and responsiveness at the top of our list of commitments. We leverage technology to simplify processes and improve operational performance, while working with you to address your most pressing distribution challenges.

  • "NexTec Group was the main reason behind our decision to choose Microsoft Dynamics. They understood our business and approached the project as a problem-solving mission, not as a software selling mission."

    Pamela Olson

    Manager of Finance and Administration The Magellan Group, Ltd

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NexTec Group helps distributors like you improve inventory management, reduce processing errors, effectively forecast, exceed customer expectations and improve business overall. We provide solutions which work the way your business does, and we deliver them on time and on budget. Through manpower, mindshare and business expertise, NexTec delivers.

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With over 20 years of experience, NexTec Group has provided companies with distribution management software solutions tailored to their specific business and functional needs. Our knowledgeable professionals combine their hands-on experience with an advanced understanding of the distribution industry to help your organization excel. With national depth and local presence, NexTec Group is readily available whenever you need us.

As a complete business partner, we know more than technology; we know business.

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