ARA Food Corp

NexTec and FoodBusiness ERP help ARA Food Corp keep a hungry market satisfied.

After NexTec implemented FoodBusiness ERP, which is built on the Sage X3 platform, the team at ARA Food Corp. was able to capture manufacturing data in real time and link it to accounting. Now, ARA Food Corp.'s reports are fully visible across departments with detailed cost tracking, and there is improved traceability, quality control and recall management.

About ARA Food Corp

Plantains are a food staple throughout the world’s tropical regions — in fact these cousins of the banana rank as the tenth most important staple food in the world. Plantains are also a staple at ARA Food Corp. This 40-year-old, family-owned company proudly calls itself “The Home of the Plantain Chip” and is the only U.S. manufacturer of the extraordinarily popular snack food. Operating out of its headquarters in Miami, ARA Food Corp. ships its savory snacks throughout the country, both under its own brand and private labeled for other companies.

Industry - Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food & Beverage


Miami, FL

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FoodBusiness ERP

Key Results

Manufacturing data is captured in real time and linked directly into accounting, saving time and improving accuracy

Reports and detail cost tracking help optimize scheduling and resource allocation

Time saved is now used to analyze and improve plant functioning

Improved traceability, quality control and recall management ensure compliance and consistency

Main Functionalities

Here’s how NexTec Group’s FoodBusiness ERP helped solve ARA Food Corp’s challenges.

NexTec does an amazing job for us. We have nothing but good things to say about their skills, professionalism, responsiveness and level of support.
Marta De Verona
VP Finance and Administration, ARA Food Corp

About FoodBusiness ERP

FoodBusiness ERP is a solution built on top of the Sage X3 platform and delivered by NexTec industry experts. Over the past 25 years, our ERP and business process experts have helped organizations across North America streamline business operations and lower costs. Recently, our specialization in developing solutions for food and beverage manufacturing industries has resulted in some of the most respected companies around the world managing their day-to-day operations and delivering products using our solution. FoodBusiness ERP by NexTec is built to make food better.

FoodBusiness ERP from NexTec Group
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