Columbia Chemical

NexTec Formulates a Successful Solution for Columbia Chemical

Columbia Chemical selected Microsoft Dynamics GP for its robust feature set, integrated manufacturing suite and competitive price and NexTec Group for the team’s broad experience with manufacturers.

Industry - Chemical

About Columbia Chemical

Columbia Chemical has always operated on the cutting edge of technology in the metal plating industry. More than 30 ago, the company pioneered an environmentally friendly alternative to cyanide-based zinc coating. To manage its financial, inventory and manufacturing operations with state-of-the-art precision, Columbia Chemical selected Microsoft Dynamics GP, Vicinity Manufacturing and the technical consulting services of NexTec Group.

Industry - Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing


Brunswick, OH

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System Selected

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Key Results

Order entry time has been cut in half

Improved inventory control and accurate cost data

Integrated QC functionality helps ensure consistently high quality

Main Functionalities

Here’s how NexTec Group and Microsoft Dynamics GP helped solve Columbia Chemical’s challenges.

We give NexTec a lot of credit for the success of this project — the chemistry just worked.
Kevin Reilley
Vice President of Operations, Columbia Chemical
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