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Empire Candle Gives NexTec a Glowing Endorsement

Empire Candle engaged NexTec Group to help optimize their Sage X3 solution, effectively reimplementing the software, introducing improved workflows and maximizing the company’s potential.

About Empire Candle

The United States’ candle industry is worth almost $4 billion annually – and it is still growing. Empire Candle Co., a 67-year veteran of the industry, understands what customers want, and continues to grow both its revenues and market share. The key to the company’s ongoing success is its lean and efficient manufacturing processes, which enables it to minimize waste, quickly respond to trends and anticipate customer demand.

Industry - Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing


Kansas City, KS

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System Selected

Sage X3

Key Results

$400,000 annual savings by eliminating overflow warehouse

Substantial labor savings by reducing the need for multiple shifts and temporary employees

Production costs down 30%

Improved real-time performance feedback to functional teams

Main Functionalities

Here’s how NexTec Group and Sage X3 helped solve Empire Candle Company’s challenges.

NexTec helps us continually improve by introducing progressive new ways of getting things done. They are a segment leader – second to none.
Austin Mathis
IT Director, Empire Candle Co., LLC
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