Kellogg Garden Products

Kellogg Garden Products Strengthens Roots with Help from NexTec

An outdated accounting application crashed frequently and provided unreliable data. There was no integration between inventory and general ledger. Sage 500 is driving efficiencies and cost savings throughout the organization.

Kellogg Garden Products

About Kellogg Garden Products

Back in the 1920s, California orange farmers believed that soils became degraded by agriculture, and they abandoned orchards when yields fell. H. Clay Kellogg discovered that adding riverbed sediments brought spent orchards back to life. He created a booming business by marketing the sediment as Nitrohumus. His son expanded the company in the 1950s to offer a complete line of organic soil amendments and fertilizers, and pioneered the use of beauty bark.

Kellogg Garden Products, still family-owned, recently celebrated its 75th year in business. The company’s customers include homeowners, retail garden shops, and major national retailers in six Western States and Hawaii.

Industry - Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Wholesale Distribution


Lockeford, CA

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Sage 500

Key Results

Inventory replenishment workload reduced by more than 80%.

Reporting workload cut in half

Implementation completed in just four months, on time and on budget

Main Functionalities

Here’s how NexTec Group and Sage 500 helped solve Kellogg Garden’s challenges.

Inventory replenishment at our distribution site is so much more efficient that we’ve reduced our workload by 80%.
Janet O'Neal
Assistant Controller, Kellogg Garden Products
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